Dr. Duke Pesta is a prolific writer, a dynamic speaker, and an engaging TV host. He’s also a tenured professor of English and the Executive Director of FreedomProject Academy.

      The Doctor Duke Show addresses such topics as education, Christianity, history, and the broader culture, offering intellectual and entertaining conversations with an array of accomplished guests. His collected videos, interviews, lecture series, and speaking events have garnered more than 100 million views.


      Daycare Workers in South Carolina Create Toddler Fight Club

      Since SC banned cock fighting, this is the next best thing?

      Trans Thug Threatens To Rape Christian Girls

      Media hides alarming threats from deranged "trans" bullies.

      Huge Pro-Israel Protests Descends on Washington

      Pro-Israel protest without violence and threats.

      MIT Pro-Palestine Student Takes Over Math Class

      Professor surrenders classroom to protestors.

      Home School Numbers Soar

      Public school failure, not Covid, fueling sharp increase of homeschooling.

      Chicago Public School Educational Disaster

      Almost 90% of students in Chicago inner-city schools are minorities, and progressive education is...

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