Dr. Duke Pesta is a prolific writer, a dynamic speaker, and an engaging TV host. He’s also a tenured professor of English and the Executive Director of FreedomProject Academy.

      The Doctor Duke Show addresses such topics as education, Christianity, history, and the broader culture, offering intellectual and entertaining conversations with an array of accomplished guests. His collected videos, interviews, lecture series, and speaking events have garnered more than 100 million views.


      Trump Shooter Spotted 30 Minutes Before Shots Fired

      Every day that goes by the Secret Service seems more secretive and less serviceable.

      Trump Returns After Assassination Attempt

      Dr. Duke Pesta and Dr. Jake Jacobs discuss the...

      Teachers Union Boss Gives Remarkably Venal And Stupid Speech

      Edu-tard Becky Pringle Makes Kamala Harris Look Like Cicero.

      Is Joe Biden Cuckoo For Power?

      Dr. Duke Pesta and Dr. Jake Jacobs discuss the mental state of the most powerful man in the world and the surprising revelation that...

      Leftists Thrive Under “March of Dimes Syndrome”

      The same grifting lefty activists with no credentials or experience bounce from one social justice scam to another.

      Democrats Threaten SCOTUS For Doing Their Job

      Progressives actually suggest using troops to remove "conservative" justices.

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