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Rooted firmly in Judeo-Christian values, FPE’s live, online school offers a classical education for students from Kindergarten through High School.

FreedomProject Education will take you on an incredible journey, one that will launch you into the future even as it reaches a world long past.

Using state-of-the-art technology, FPE will provide a classical education similar to the remarkable generation of thinkers known as the Founding Fathers.


What is AOF?

To Empower Americans to understand, enjoy and preserve the freedom and moral responsibility embodied in America's founding principles.

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  • Common Core
  • Principles of the Constitution

Common Core

What is Common Core? See why Americans should be concerned about these standards. Read More

The Constitution

This nine part series highlights the importance and modern relevance of the U.S. Constitution. Read More

Educational Media Learn about America's History

Journey through the Presidency

Learn about our forefathers on this journey into the past.

The 56 Signers

A crucial time in history, learn about the lives of each of the 56 signers here.

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