Anti-American Agenda Pushed in Florida Schools

      Top officials with the Collier County School District in Florida are being accused by local parents, activists, and lawyers of using shady tactics to push an extreme anti-American agenda and even racism and bigotry into local schools.

      From lawlessly packing textbook-selection committees with extreme activists, to selecting biased textbooks that celebrate globalism and the United Nations while demonizing the U.S. Constitution and America, the district leadership appears to be out of control, activists said.

      Highly qualified local residents with top-notch qualifications appear to have been deliberately excluded from the textbook-selection committees by officials. On the other hand, a number of known local extremists who openly promote racism and anti-Christian bigotry were selected to sit on the committees.

      Two individuals appointed to the committees by Superintendent of Schools Kamela Patton, Theron Trimble and Bill Korson, are members of the fringe left-wing group “Coalition for Quality Public Education.” Among other scandals, the group posted a racist article claiming, “rural Christian white Americans … are racists.” Korson very publicly agreed with the hateful remarks demonizing and libeling tens of millions of Americans based on their religion and their skin color.

      The other activist, Trimble, appears to have a conflict of interest, having served on McGraw-Hill’s Florida Academic Advisory Board before approving their books for purchase by the district. He has also made multiple public remarks described by a prominent black community leader as “hateful” and “racist.”

      Addressing Trimble’s comments to the school board demonizing a local school known as Mason Classical Academy, Byron Donalds, a founding board member of the academy, was aghast. “I was frankly appalled to hear some of the most racist and divisive remarks being said from this podium,” said Donalds, who happens to be black and now serves as a state representative, in response to Trimble. Slamming Trimble’s “vicious and racist remarks,” he blasted the activist for a “lack of class.”

      And yet, Superintendent Patton appointed the duo to help select textbooks for local school children. Community leaders were outraged.

      “I am appalled Superintendent Patton has selected Theron Trimble and Bill Korson to select textbooks for Collier County schoolchildren given their promotion of a racist, anti-Christian, anti-American agenda,” David Bolduc, president of Parents Rights Of Choice for Kids, or Parents ROCK, told the school board.

      “As such, the Board should not consider any textbook selected by either Theron Trimble or Bill Korson for adoption in Collier County schools, remove them from all Textbook Selection Committees, and reconvene their committees under Board supervision where the Board appoints the committee members, rather than being stacked with hate-filled friends of Superintendent Patton,” added Bolduc.

      A number of deeply controversial, biased textbooks were selected by the stacked committees. One in particular that has drawn local outrage is the Street Law: A Course in Practical Law. Attorney and parent Steve Bracci, who reviewed the textbook, said it contains numerous instances of race-baiting, in addition to sidelining the Constitution in favor of the UN’s controversial “Declaration of Human Rights.”

      But that only scratches the surface. “This biased, ideologically loaded, secretive, and now perhaps even ethically questionable adoption and purchase process has placed the Collier County School District on perilous footing in multiple ways,” Bracci told the school board.

      Amid all of this, a local teacher in Collier County who praised President Trump and his efforts to enforce immigration law on Facebook was moved to administrative duties.

      This is just the tip of the iceberg. And what is happening in Collier County is happening across America, as anti-American, anti-Christian extremists seek to use public “education” to undermine America and freedom. It must be exposed and stopped.

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