Lunatics Take Over Asylum at Evergreen College

      The lunatics have truly taken over the asylum at Evergreen State College. The supposed “leaders” of the college, fumbling with which politically correct pronoun to use, quickly raised the white flag in response to the ludicrous “demands” of the pampered nuts posing as victimized students. And the only seemingly responsible adult at the college who tried to prevent the takeover of the asylum is now being viciously attacked by the bloodthirsty mob demanding his head.

      The latest round of insanity on a tax-funded college campus in America reportedly began in late May. It started when Biology Professor Bret Weinstein, apparently the only grown-up at Evergreen State College despite describing himself as a “progressive intellectual,” objected to a “Day of Absence” scheme that was supposed to prohibit white students and faculty from attending the college. The racist plan was supposed to create a “Safe Space” on campus totally free of white people for a day.

      Students were outraged that somebody would object to their racist kookery — so much so that law enforcement officials warned Weinstein it was not safe for him to be on campus.

      In a video of the mob that was apparently “stolen,” further angering the mob, the mob can be heard chanting racist slogans such as “black power” along with vicious attacks on people due to the color of their skin. “Whiteness is the most violent f***in’ system to ever breathe!” one especially nutty member of the mob can be heard screaming on the video. Another student says she is “tired of white people talking about what black and brown people need.”

      From the video, which features an effort to “read” some prepared remarks, it is also obvious that some of the “students” can barely read. The clear lack of basic reading skills begs the question: If the “students” were not learning to read throughout the twelve or more years they spent in a tax-funded “school,” just what, exactly, were they “learning” there? Presumably, how to behave like spoiled children and make ludicrous “demands” instead of becoming a productive member of society.

      The students’ “demands” read almost like some sort of silly joke — except it is real. Among other demands, they called for “mandatory sensitivity and cultural competency training for faculty, staff, administrators, and student employees.” They also “demand” “the creation of an equity center,” the hiring of a full-time “coordinator of the Trans & Queer Center,” the disarming of police, the “creation of a position that will support undocumented students,” the suspension of Professor Weinstein, and much more.

      Instead of laughing the mob out of the room and expelling them from school for behaving like violent lunatics, College President George Bridges, who warned the snowflakes that he uses “he/him pronouns,” promptly caved to most of their demands. “This week, you are inviting us into the struggle you have taken up,” he said, rewarding their behavior. “We share your goals and together we can reach them.”

      (Caution: Strong Language)

      If these “students” are even somewhat representative of America’s upcoming generation, the nation is in major trouble. These spoiled overgrown children will be completely incapable of even sustaining an economy, much less preserving and protecting America’s heritage of liberty. The country needs a massive educational effort to deprogram these brainwashed zombies before they burn it all to the ground.

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