Brainwashed Students Say Father of the Constitution Must Go!

      An indoctrinated Wisconsin student is working to have the name of her government school changed, claiming the name of James Madison, widely known as “father of the U.S. Constitution,” is offensive and not inclusive. The city in which James Madison Memorial High School is located is also named after America’s fourth president, though for now, at least, the city’s name appears safe.

      “The significance of this name in association with my school has a negative effect on memorials black students,” claimed Mya Berry, the student behind the effort, in a petition posted at “The lack of representation I feel in this school makes me feel more than unsafe. I do not feel supported by the majority of staff at memorial.”

      The primary tool of attack in the latest jihad against American heritage by indoctrinated government-school students is the issue of slavery. Berry claimed, falsely, that Madison had “enslaved” her ancestors. In reality, he never enslaved anyone, according to the definition of the word.

      Historical information does indicate that Madison inherited around 100 slaves from his father, along with the Montpelier plantation in Virginia. But it seems the misguided high-school student, like most other victims of government “schooling” in America today, was not told the full story.

      Ironically, Madison was one of the original and most fervent anti-slavery crusaders in human history — a history that has featured the institution of slavery in almost every time and place by almost every people, until Western, Christian civilization put an end to the practice. Indeed, Madison wrote extensively about the evils of slavery and the need for abolishing it, helping lay the philosophical foundation for its eventual abolition in America and worldwide.

      Calling slavery a “national evil” and referring to the slave trade as “criminal conduct” and a “violation of the laws of humanity,” he declared in his 1810 State of the Union address that Congress should devise “further means of suppressing the evil.” In Federalist 42, Madison wrote extensively on the evils of slavery and the urgency of stopping it as quickly as possible.

      In a memoir of Madison and the White House, one of the slaves Madison inherited, Paul Jennings, described the fourth president as “one of the best men who ever lived.” Every recorded writing and utterance ever made by Madison on the subject showed that he was an unyielding opponent of the institution — and all that at a time when slavery was the norm all over the world, and especially in Africa and the Middle East.

      And yet, in government schools today, hapless students such as Mya Berry — who enjoy the incredible blessings of freedom precisely because men such as Madison were willing to risk everything to secure it — are indoctrinated with pseudo-history that demonizes America’s founders. The effort to change the school’s name comes amid similar schemes at schools and college campuses across America to ban the American flag, erase American history, and more.

      America’s unique, Godly heritage of liberty and Christianity is under relentless assault by forces that hate freedom and God. And their useful idiots are today doing much of the heavy lifting. Americans from all walks of life must unite to defend the nation and its very foundations, or risk losing it all — along with the most precious experiment in real liberty to ever occur in human history.

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