More Than 100 Colleges Now Offer “Social Justice” Programs

      If you want huge amounts of debt and virtually no chance at finding meaningful work that actually creates value, more than 100 colleges and universities have the perfect program for you: allegedly “academic” work in the field of so-called “social justice.” That is in addition to the countless programs in “gender studies,” “ethnic studies,” “sustainable development,” and other such absurdities that are essentially glorified Marxist indoctrination programs masquerading as education. In short, the schools are using your money to train legions of brainwashed future storm troopers for the Left.

      According to an investigation by The College Fix, there are now at least 64 American colleges that offer a “minor” in social justice. In addition, there are almost 20 colleges offering a four-year “major” degree in social justice, along with at least 15 offering a master’s in the subject, and two with PhD doctoral social-justice programs. And that is probably just the tip of an incoming iceberg.

      Some of the classes offered by the universities in question almost sound like some sort of parody dreamed up by conservative pranksters to make “progressives” and “social-justice” warriors look ridiculous. For instance, at Oregon State University, students can earn a graduate minor in “Food in Culture and Social Justice” featuring classes such as “Food and Ethnic Identity: Decolonizing Our Food and Body.” Seriously. Countless universities are offering courses on “queer theory” and “gender theory.”

      What these poor students are expected to do with their absurdly overpriced pseudo-education is not exactly clear. Presumably, as explained by multiple experts quoted in The College Fix article, they will have trouble getting any sort of real job in the real world doing something useful. Instead, it is almost certain that the bulk of them will end up leeching off of taxpayers, whether working directly for the government or in some sort of tax-funded position within what passes today for “academia.”

      After generations of dumbing down and indoctrinating children in government schools with socialism and humanism, it was probably inevitable that this would happen someday. It is the logical result of subjecting the overwhelming majority of American children to the ‘progressive,’ anti-Christian, anti-liberty, collectivist government education inflicted on the country by godless totalitarian John Dewey and his radical cohorts. Now the proverbial chickens are coming home to roost.

      Unfortunately, unlike studying other imaginary phenomena such as leprechauns or unicorns, the study of these ‘subjects,’ if they can even be called that, such as ‘gender spectrum,’ ‘systematic oppression,’ and so on, is that this will all have real-world consequences. These taxpayer-funded universities are producing zealots to wage war on God, Christianity, civilization, and liberty on an industrial scale. The victims of these indoctrination programs will be literally unable to think or reason. In short, perfect minions for the Revolution.

      While many Americans laugh at the seeming absurdity of it all, the consequences of this accelerating weaponization of “education” will be devastating to the future of liberty and the American Republic. The best solution is to hit these institutions in the pocketbook and protect children from them. Simply put, parents must ensure that they raise children with real critical thinking abilities and skills. And taxpayers and voters must work with their elected officials to demand an end to the public funding of these hugely destructive programs.

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