Schools Tracking “Mental Health” of Your Child

      Government schools are now conducting mental health and psychological assessments of your children each month under the unconstitutional Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), according to various reports. Even more alarming: Parents have not offered their consent, or even been told that the exams are taking place.

      Welcome to the Brave New World of government “schools” — or indoctrination centers, depending on your point of view.

      Writing in the Wall Street Journal,Dr. Aida Cerundolo, a physician in New Hampshire, exposed the use of a highly controversial psych test being forced on students in the state as part of the “social and emotional learning” (SEL) scheming of the federal ESSA bill passed by Big Government Republicans, at the Obama administration’s request.

      The test in question is touted as assessing children’s “competencies” in “self-awareness, social awareness, self-management, goal-directed behavior, relationship skills, personal responsibility, decision-making, and optimistic thinking.”

      Under the scheme, teachers are supposed to fill out an assessment every month consisting of 72 questions for each child. Questions include whether the student copes well with “mean comments” and “insults,” and how often the child carries himself “with confidence.” The student’s views on things like “diversity” are also gathered. The responses are tracked over time.

      The ostensible goal is to organize “interventions” in the lives of children and families, if the children do not have the social and emotional traits the government thinks they should have.

      What appears to be going on in reality, though, is a bid to condition children to have the attitudes, beliefs, values, and behavior that the government wants. Those who do have the right attitudes and views will be rewarded; those who do not will face “intervention” and consequences.

      Incredibly, standard protections for medical privacy do not even apply to the psychological and psychiatric profiles the government’s schools are building upon children. That means the data can be shared with just about anyone for just about any reason if it can be justified as being a “legitimate educational interest.”

      Without a doubt, these psych profiles will follow students around throughout their lives as Big Brother — through “School-to-Work” programs and other central planning schemes — seeks to decide your children’s future educational opportunities and even their future employment.

      Of course, the overwhelming majority of parents send their children to government school so the children can learn how to read, write, do math, and become educated — not for psych profiles, data gathering, and “interventions.” Unfortunately, though, the Brave New Schools being imposed on Americans are only getting more and more fanatical and dangerous. Parents, protect your children from this insanity! If you do not, nobody will.

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