UN Education Agency Slammed as Immoral & Anti-Semitic

      The United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization, more commonly known as UNESCO, is under fire for immorality and anti-Semitism. But in reality, that is only scratching the surface of the problem.

      In fact, UNESCO is a den of communism, globalism, and wickedness that would shock even the most seasoned political observer. And it wants to control what your children learn — and even their values and beliefs.

      Writing last month for the borderline-neocon organization known as the Gatestone Institute, University of Paris Professor Guy Millière expressed outrage over UNESCO’s hostility to the State of Israel. In particular, Dr. Millière, author of more than two dozen books on France and Europe, was furious at UNESCO’s efforts to write Jews out of their own history by designating key Jewish historical sites as “Palestinian.”

      “UNESCO is an immoral, anti-Semitic organization,” fumed Millière. “Decent countries should leave.”

      “Sadly, UNESCO has become simply an anti-Semitic fraud, governed by fabrications rather than by facts,” he continued. “It betrays its mission, falsifies history, and wages a campaign of raw racism against the Jewish people and Judaism — and the world accepts that. UNESCO acts as an instrument for propaganda seeking to annihilate the legitimacy of the existence of Israel.”

      While it is undoubtedly true that UNESCO has a bizarre obsession with demonizing the tiny Jewish state, the problems with this self-styled planetary “education” department go much deeper.

      For one, UNESCO and its leaders regularly boast about how they intend to globalize education, including everything from the “skills” and “knowledge” children should supposedly have, down to their “beliefs” and “values.”

      To accomplish that objective, UNESCO pushes globalized textbooks that teach children to believe in globalism, “global citizenship,” the man-made global-warming theory, feminism, the LGBT ideology, and much more. The UN agency also publishes “guidelines” demanding everything from the teaching of reading using discredited quackery, to pushing pornographic sex “education” on children as young as four.

      The out-of-control UN outfit even has something called the “World Core Curriculum” that, if its ideology (and theology) were more widely understood, would shock Christians, Jews, Muslims, and others to the core.

      None of that should be surprising, though, considering that UNESCO is literally led by a notoriously corrupt communist — yes, an actual communist with myriad links and years of service to a mass-murdering communist regime that murdered hundreds of thousands of people. Her name is Irina Bokova.

      She’s open about her agenda. “We have the collective duty to empower every child and youth with the right foundations — knowledge, values and skills — to shape the future as responsible global citizens,” Bokova declared in a statement last year.

      Of course, her admitted globalist, humanist, and “progressive” values are fundamentally incompatible with traditional American liberties and Judeo-Christian values.

      The notion of God-given rights, upon which America was founded, for instance, has no place in UNESCO’s worldview. Instead, the UN agency claims all children everywhere must learn to love the UN’s “Universal Declaration of Human Rights,” basically a list of revocable privileges purportedly granted by humanity’s rulers.

      Americans have a duty to protect their children from these sorts of globalist totalitarians. While federal law already prohibits U.S. funding for UNESCO, Congress should move to completely withdraw. Additionally, every education policymaker in America must become familiar with UNESCO’s agenda, so that it can be kept out of the United States.    

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