UK Schools Drop BC and AD to Avoid Offending Non-Christians

      In a troubling sign of things to come across the Western world, government schools across the United Kingdom will no longer use the terms “Before Christ” (BC) or “Anno Domini” (AD) for historical dates — even in religious education. Instead, schools will refer to BCE for “Before Common Era” (BCE) and CE for “Common Era.”

      The decision, made by U.K. religious education committees in multiple jurisdictions, was supposedly aimed at ensuring that the fast-growing population of Muslims do not get “offended.” And yet, according to U.K. Daily Mail, “Muslim and Jewish leaders were also mystified, saying they were not offended by the familiar terms.” Muslim and Jewish leaders were quoted in the article saying as much.

      One example of the change emerged in the education syllabus for schools in East Sussex, one of the jurisdictions to capitulate to efforts by jihadists and anti-Christian forces to remove Christ from every sector of society. “BCE and CE are now used in order to show sensitivity to those who are not Christians,” the document reads.

      Britain, a nation that has been Christian for almost 1,500 years, has been considered a Christian nation, even officially, since before the 1500s when the Church of England became its established church. Even today, the U.K. monarch remains the Supreme Governor of the Church. No non-protestant is allowed to sit on the throne.

      But with ethnic Brits now a minority in their own capital, and with a relentless establishment assault on Christianity around the world, that may change. Indeed, all over the Western world, churches are becoming mosques as Westerners indoctrinated into humanism at government schools leave the faith while millions of Muslim migrants flood across the border.

      In America, public schools were literally first created to ensure that everyone could read the Bible to avoid being misled by Satan, hence the law’s name, the “Old Deluder Satan Act.” In the early 1960s, though, the Supreme Court lawlessly and unconstitutionally banned the Bible and prayer across America, pointing to the First Amendment’s ban on Congress making laws respecting an establishment of religion. In its place, the religion of humanism has been taught to impressionable young children as Gospel.

      Since then, America, along with most of the Western world, has become increasingly secularized, with society paying a very high price with the explosion in immorality that has occurred. The visible fruits of this include rampant gangsterism, abortion, surging crime, stunning ignorance, premarital sex, a breakdown of the family, a rejection of morality, an explosion of suicides and school shootings, and much more. The worst is yet to come if current trends continue.

      Developments with dating in the United Kingdom may seem trivial, but they represent an oncoming tsunami. If liberty and its accompanying prosperity are to survive, America and the broader Western world must return to their Judeo-Christian moral foundations and a biblical worldview. The alternative is already coming into view — and it is not a pretty sight.

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