After Common Core, Bill Gates Launches New Education Plan

      After helping to further centralize and dumb down government education with Common Core standards, billionaire globalist Bill Gates has another “education” plan to meddle in your child’s schooling. However, after admitting that his previous schemes did not work out as planned, Gates vowed to pour almost $2 billion into everything from “new curricula” to “networks of schools that work together… and use data to drive continuous improvement.”

      In other words, intimate details of children’s lives and minds will continue to be vacuumed up while “new curricula” are used to further indoctrinate America’s youth. And as with Common Core, while Gates will play a key role in setting the direction of education policy through his so-called “philanthropy,” taxpayers will be expected to continue paying for almost all of the scheming.

      Gates, a fanatical advocate of abortion and population control, makes clear that his support for Common Core, into which he dumped some $2 billion, is not going anywhere. “We backed the Common Core because we believed, and still believe, that all students – no matter where they go to school – should graduate with the skills and knowledge to succeed after high school,” he said, offering standard talking points.

      “It’s exciting to see how the standards are being brought to life in schools and classrooms. But more needs to be done to fully realize their potential,” he continued in his keynote speech at the 2017 summit for the Council of the Great City Schools. “Teachers need better curricula and professional development aligned with the Common Core.”

      Details of his schemes remain hazy, almost certainly on purpose. But Gates did say that each of the “networks” of schools he wants to create will be “backed by a team of education experts skilled in continuous improvement, coaching and data collection and analysis.” In short, Big Brother Gates’ Orwellian data-mining agenda wants ever more data to help manipulate children and their “education.”

      It was not clear whether Gates was hoping his “networks” of schools would be able to bypass the local control of school boards in implementing his policy vision. But if his past machinations such as Common Core are anything to go by, that is almost guaranteed. In fact, Gates even inked a deal with the communist-run UN “education” agency UNESCO to create and promote a “master curriculum” infused with “UNESCO values,” helping to globalize education.

      Critics, though, expressed skepticism about his latest schemes. Ze’ev Wurman, an education policy expert who advised a previous U.S. administration and has criticized Common Core, said “pivoting” in the way Gates is doing may be fine in private industry. “It is different when a private actor such as Gates uses his money to leverage public money – some $600 billion of it for his own relatively small investment of few tens of millions every year – to steer the public money to implement mediocre curricula and ill thought-out programs born of his feverish imagination and ignorance,” Wurman told Breitbart. “Yet that is precisely the track record – and the explicit acknowledgment – of Mr. Gates.”

      “So Bill Gates’ pivoting is not just a matter for Mr. Gates losing his own money,” Wurman said. “It is an admission that he actively helped to misdirect some 4 TRILLION educational dollars over the last seven years, and that he harmed tens of millions of students during that time by imposing the mediocre and intrusive Common Core upon the nation.”

      In 2014, Gates dropped a bombshell: “It would be great if our education stuff worked, but that we won’t know for probably a decade.” By “works,” he almost certainly meant “works” to successfully brainwash and dumb down children. But even if parents want to give him the benefit of the doubt on his motivations, are they willing to let their children serve as guinea pigs for a billionaire extremist who refuses to subject his own children to the experiment?

      Parents, protect your children, now! And taxpayers, quit letting nutty billionaires like Gates and George Soros hijack your tax money through their alleged “philanthropic” giving — or face the consequences in the form of lost liberty and massive damage to future generations’ minds and souls.

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