Mega-Scandal: High School Graduates All Failing Students

      Despite many of them practically never showing up to class and failing in virtually every subject, every single student at Ballou High School in the nation’s capital graduated and received a diploma. Based on their fraudulent credentials, they all got accepted to college, too. But then, the school officials involved in the colossal scam got caught.

      The mega-scandal surrounding the widely acclaimed government school in Washington, D.C., first uncovered by the far-left, taxpayer-subsidized National Public Radio (NPR), is in the process of erupting. One analyst, writing at, has even labeled this the “Worst Public School Scandal of Modern Era.”

      Basically, what appears to have happened is that officials decided every child would graduate — even if that meant cheating and ignoring the already-pathetic requirements. And so, even students who were failing literally every class got a diploma.

      Indeed, most students at the school did not even attend more than six weeks out of the 36-week school year, according to the NPR/WAMU investigation. And yet, they all still got a diploma. Former teachers at the school, which in 2010 was lauded as a model, explained how administrators demanded that the kids be passed no matter what.

      The majority of Ballou’s 2017 graduating class missed more than six weeks of school. (See Below)

      Incredibly, every student from the supposed “school” was accepted to college, too. Schools officials declined to identify the tax-funded colleges that accepted the students, but failure — at taxpayer expense — is almost inevitable.

      The D.C. School board already admitted earlier this year that “the majority of students who graduate D.C. with a high school diploma are not prepared to succeed in college or a career.” That is probably an understatement. The real question is whether they will even be capable of taking care of themselves at a most basic level.

      This all occurred in a school district that has become synonymous with failure and insanity. For instance, a State Education Agency report recently revealed that some two thirds of D.C. residents over the age of 15 are functionally illiterate. Virtually all those illiterates were victims of government schools and the education establishment.

      Perhaps even more insane, if that can be imagined, is that D.C. government and education leaders turned to a mass-murdering Stalinist dictatorship for help. Seriously. As this writer reported last year, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser and then-D.C. Schools Chancellor Kaya Henderson went to Communist Cuba for ideas on how to improve education

      The mayor and other authorities have promised an “investigation” into the scandal. But the students are expected to keep their fake diplomas, and even a thorough investigation will do nothing to remedy the underlying problems with the federally directed, dumbed-down government pseudo-education costing taxpayers over $1 trillion per year.

      Ironically, by never coming to class, the victims of this particular government indoctrination center are probably better off than their peers who did go to class in other government schools. For instance, they were likely spared much of the statist, globalist anti-Christian propaganda ranging from the LGBT agenda to the debunked man-made global-warming theory.

      Still, taxpayers deserve a refund — and parents deserve better.

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