Report on College Courses Exposes Universities as Nut Houses

      Students enrolled in Indiana University’s “Gender Studies” can take a course called “We’re All A Little Crazy: Gender, Madness, & Popular Culture.” But the purveyors of this tax-funded lunacy seem more than just a “little” crazy. 

      In fact, a new report looking at courses offered at colleges and universities across America shows that institutions of alleged “higher learning” have officially become insane asylums — and the most deranged of the lunatics have seized total control. The whole system has gone stark, raving mad, helping to explain why the overgrown children graduating with hundreds of thousands of dollars in student debt can’t even figure out what gender they are, much less find a job. 

      Consider some of the taxpayer-funded indoctrination programs being peddled to students. At the University of Michigan, for example, students can take a course from the “American Culture Department” on “Rednecks, Queers, and Country Music.” The University of Kentucky, meanwhile, has a course on “Vampires: Evolution of a Sexy Monster.”

      Private schools are not much better. At Northwestern University, for example, there is a course on gender called “Beyond the Binary.” In Swarthmore College’s “Religious Studies Department,” students can waste their time and their parents’ money on a course called “Queering God: Feminist and Queer Theology.” There is also a course called “Queering the Bible.” At Carleton College, students can take “Queer Religion.” And at Middlebury, there is “Queering Food.” Seriously.

      It isn’t all about “queering” everything, though. At a number of universities, students can learn how freedom and free markets are racist, like basically everything else unhinged statists don’t like. Williams College, for example, has a course called “Racial Capitalism” that purports to “interrogate the ways in which capitalist economies have ‘always and everywhere’ relied upon forms of racist domination and exclusion.”

      The “Ivy League” schools may be even worse. At Harvard, there is a course called “Leaning In, Hooking Up.” At Princeton, students can waste unfathomable amounts of their parents’ hard-earned wealth taking a class called “Black to the Future.” Brown University even has courses glorifying a mass-murdering communist dictator and his racist executioner, claiming Fidel Castro and Che Guevara are “among the twentieth century’s most iconic figures.”

      The Young America’s Foundation, which produced the report, highlights the organizing principle of “intersectionality” that is being used by universities to indoctrinate students into an incoherent anti-Christian, anti-liberty, anti-truth worldview.  Intersectionality is “a new wave of identity politics infecting higher education, playing directly into the hands of leftist administrators, professors, and students seeking to reach a new low in their victim Olympics,” explains the report, titled “Comedy & Tragedy: College Course Descriptions and What They Tell Us About Higher Education Today.”

      “The result is a disregard for personal responsibility or individual freedom,” the researchers found. “Instead, students are coddled and treated as a victim in need of special accommodation in order to cope with a world fraught with concocted dangers including microaggressions and cultural appropriation.”

      Instead of wasting time and money on this overpriced indoctrination masquerading as education, American parents and youth should opt out entirely. There are still some worthwhile universities, but parents and prospective students should do their homework prior to committing. 

      Everyday voters and citizens, meanwhile, should demand an end to the generous tax-subsidies for these brainwashing centers charged with mass producing dumbed-down voters for the Democrat Party. It is unconscionable that the American people are forced to pay for the insanity — and ultimately, for the murder of their own liberty.

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