Tax-funded Globalists Decry “Whiteness” of School Curricula

      A tax-funded globalist organization led by a prominent swamp creature and a racist vice president is demanding that “euro-American” influence in schools be replaced with more “ethnically diverse” curricula, and more “social justice” indoctrination. Whining about the “persistent whiteness” of the school curricula and books, the radical left-wing activist suggested squandering more tax dollars on racist “ethnic studies” programs and infusing every element of education with race mongering.

      “Even as the country has become more racially and ethnically diverse, PreK-12 curriculums [sic] largely don’t reflect, or affirm, the experiences of students of color,” complained fringe left-wing race monger Joshua Ddamulira, whose qualifications apparently include a master’s degree in something called “minority and urban education.”

      How exactly schools should “affirm” the “experiences” of “students of color” was never made clear throughout the half-baked essay. Nor was it clear why one would need or want “affirmation” based on “color” in the first place. But from what could be deciphered, the radical agenda underpinning the race-mongering was easy to discern.

      Touting the protests of the Third World Liberation Front, a Marxist-Leninist front inspired by Marxist humanist Frantz Fanon that demanded more “black studies” programs at universities, Ddamulira claimed “elective ethnic studies offerings” and “anecdotes about Martin Luther King Jr.” in schools today were not enough.

      Instead, education policymakers must focus on “integrating curricula with in-depth narratives of people of color.” In other words, every subject needs to become a vehicle for brainwashing kids into obsession with “race” and skin color, so that America can be divided and conquered by totalitarians marching under the banner of “diversity.”

      Sounding like a unabashed and unashamed racist, Ddamulira goes on to complain that so many textbooks are written by whites, and especially white men — as if there was something wrong with a textbook written by a white person merely because of their race or gender. In Mississippi, for example, many of the books “were authored by white Mississippians and even antebellum politicians, typically white men,” writes Ddamulira.

      Of course, none of the textbooks used in Mississippi were actually written by antebellum politicians, obviously. But in his copying and pasting from a fringe leftwing website, Ddamulira seems to have misunderstood a reference to a particular textbook in which “almost all of the people mentioned with the greatest frequency” are “either white Mississippi authors or antebellum politicians.”

      “Regrettably, these books — with their many mythic tales about segregationists [sic] — center the experiences [sic] of white, often male, Mississippians at the expense of a more inclusive narrative involving black activists who sought to hold America accountable for its failure to deliver on its national promises,” Ddamulira continued in the incoherent screed.

      Now, under normal circumstances, a racist and barely coherent essay complaining about “whiteness” in education would not merit a mention at the Newman Report. But Ddamulira’s ramblings were posted at and funded by “New America,” a self-styled “new kind of think and action tank” funded by billionaire statist George Soros, the United Nations, the European Union, the U.S. State Department, the U.S. Agency for International Development, the Rockefellers and more. One of its vice presidents is a well-known extremist who, in addition to working for Soros and Obama, was a leader of the racist group called La Raza (The Race).

      Rather than further indoctrinating innocent children with hatred and hysteria surrounding race, color, victimhood, ethnic studies, “whiteness,” “blackness,” and other such idiocy, schools need to get back to teaching first and foremost how to read and do math. Millions of Black, White, and Hispanic children across America are being turned into lifelong illiterates by the government schools. And they are being brainwashed into becoming social justice warriors with no understanding of logic, history, science, or anything else.

      These dumbed-down victims of government schools are proving incapable of even taking care of themselves, much less preserving our nation and its liberties. At the very least, American taxpayers should not be funding the hateful and racist ramblings of a fringe left-wing activist organization demanding the further destruction of education.

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