Sixth Graders Asked If They Want Sex Change

      Government schools in Missouri are under fire after distributing surveys to children aged 10 and 11 asking whether they wanted to change genders. The controversial documents also asked the 6th grade students if they thought about suicide, using drugs, engaging in homosexual acts, and more. Parents were furious.

      The news, first reported by a local ABC affiliate, comes as similar surveys pushed by the federal government ask intrusive questions about children’s home lives, their families, their views, and more. As The Newman Report documented in October, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has been gathering the sensitive data across America.

      Supposedly, the questionnaires in Missouri were from the state “mental health” department. They are ostensibly aimed at helping officials craft “prevention programs.” But critics say instead of “prevention,” the controversial surveys falsely lead children to believe that pre-marital sex is normal, that drug use is widespread among their peers, and that gender confusion is everywhere.

      Parents in Bourbon, Missouri, were outraged at the questions. “The most inappropriate one was if they were transgender or thought about changing genders,” explained Samantha Overkramer, a mother whose young child was exposed to the survey. “My daughter, I mean she just doesn’t understand that.”

      While officials claimed students were not required to answer questions that made them uncomfortable, parents cited in media reports said that the children were told at school that they would be “in trouble” if they refused. Amid the uproar, school authorities said they would remove questions on “sexual orientation” from future surveys.

      Every time something like this happens, school officials pretend it was just a big misunderstanding, that it was optional, and that they won’t do it again. The establishment media, meanwhile, treats these incidents as if they were isolated aberrations rather than the norm.

      In reality, this sort of intrusive data-gathering — and the associated manipulation of young children on gender and other issues — has become ubiquitous throughout the federally controlled government “education” system. Even small towns in conservative states are facing these issues.

      The only real solution is for parents to take charge of the situation and remove their children from harm’s way — before the damage is already done.

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