Transgenderism Pushed in Kindergarten to Promote “Diversity”

      As part of a government push for expanding “diversity education” in government schools, even kindergartners in Charlotte, North Carolina, will now be subjected to indoctrination on “gender identity, gender expression and sexual orientation” throughout their school day. The propaganda will permeate the curriculum, it seems. Critics expressed outraged but failed to stop the juggernaut.

      The Charlotte-Mecklenburg school board voted 7 to 2 last week to expand the district’s definition of “multiculturalism” and “diversity.” It now includes gender confusion, homosexuality, and perversion. And as part of the new policy, government schools must “intentionally incorporate” those fringe ideas throughout all curricula, teaching, and even instruction provided to teachers.

      So now, under the new policy, government schools are mandated to promote “diversity” in race, ethnicity, national origin, languages, physical abilities, religion, age, socioeconomic status, and more — on top of the latest additions of “gender expression,” “gender identity,” and “sexual orientation.” The policy change came after previous attempts to brainwash students with gender ideology and homosexual propaganda were beaten back by the community.

      Amid the furor surrounding the radical new indoctrination policies, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools Superintendent Dr. Clayton Wilcox issued a statement claiming that government schools were simply keeping up with the times. Ironically, he also cited an increase of more than 300 percent in “suicide assessments” to justify the changes, despite the well-documented correlation between the gender confusion being pushed at schools and extreme mental distress.

      “All kids in our community deserve schools that will equip them to achieve every day in a world that is rapidly more diverse, more complex and more connected across lines of difference every day,” Wilcox said. “To do our best job as educators, we now have further guiding policy that appropriately acknowledges that public education in Charlotte-Mecklenburg does not exist in a vacuum outside a multi-cultural, more diverse world.”

      Community members, parents, and pastors, though, were not buying it. One Christian pastor who testified against the changes was even physically removed from the meeting by police after calling homosexual activities a sin and referring to one of the school board members as a “pervert.” Another pastor at the school board meeting said the teaching of values should be up to parents, not government schools.

      Writing about the new change at, pundit brothers Jason and David Benham pointed to mass-murdering Soviet dictator Vladimir Lenin’s obsession with brainwashing children via government schools. “We’ve said it for years, and we’ll say it again now: The radical LGBTQ-plus agenda has gone from acceptance, to appreciation, to celebration and now to forced participation,” wrote the brothers, who were themselves persecuted out of their popular TV show for supporting marriage and morality.

      “Our kids all will be forced to participate in this revolution one way or another – regardless of what parents feel about it,” they added. “To say this is indoctrination is putting it lightly. It’s deliberately sowing seeds of sexual confusion into the fertile minds of future generations, and it will be difficult to uproot.”

      All across America, at younger and younger ages, the LGBT agenda is being shoved down children’s throats without so much as parental consent. And that is despite the fact that the American College of Pediatricians refers to the gender-bending indoctrination as “child abuse.” Now, in Charlotte, that abuse will begin in Kindergarten. Holdout districts across America will likely soon follow if current trends continue.

      Parents have a duty to protect their children from the onslaught.

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