Politically Correct Schools Purge Classic Books

      Politically correct government school officials in Minnesota are under fire after announcing that key classic American literature would be removed from the high-school reading list. The reason for the purge: Some students might be “offended” by words contained in the anti-racist books, one of which was written more than 130 years ago.

      Among the American classics being dropped from the required high-school reading list in Duluth, Minnesota, are the books To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, published in 1960, and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain from the mid-1880s. Despite having been read by generations of Americans, the district decided to purge the books because they use the n-word.

      “We felt that we could still teach the same [Common Core] standards and expectations through other novels that didn’t require students to feel humiliated or marginalized by the use of racial slurs,” Duluth School District Director of Curriculum Michael Cary was quoted as saying in media reports, adding that the decision to remove the books was intended to be “considerate of all of its students.”

      Teachers were not consulted on the change, Cary said. “The decision to protect the dignity of our students seemed like a reasonable and easy one to make that didn’t require teacher input,” he explained. However, as they search for replacement books, the curriculum boss said teacher feedback would be sought out. It was not yet clear what texts might replace the American classics.

      The district superintendent, Bill Gronseth, said there was not a specific complaint being addressed, but that the decision was part of the school’s “equity work,” better known as far-left “social-justice” activism. “It fits really well into the equity work that we’re doing, making sure that what we’re using as core curriculum is a good experience for all of our students,” he said, arguing that no student should ever feel “uncomfortable” due to curriculum materials.

      The local teachers union was upset because it was not included in the decision, though it did not necessarily disagree with the move. Meanwhile, the local chapter of the NAACP celebrated the decision, saying that “hurtful language” has “oppressed the people for over 200 years.” “Racism still exists in a very big way,” the local NAACP boss insisted.

      Of course, Duluth is hardly the only area of Minnesota or the nation where the schools are purging classic literature and even history in exchange for “politically correct” ideology. In one district in Minnesota, government schools are waging a full-blown war on “white privilege” and biological gender, beginning with indoctrinating kindergartners.

      In California, as The Newman Report documented last year, even history textbooks that do not promote the homosexual and gender-confusion agenda have been banned. And in Biloxi, Mississippi, as in Duluth, authorities also purged To Kill A Mockingbird from the reading list last year. But there, at least, critics spoke out against censorship being imposed under the guise of comfort.

      “While the use of historically accurate language in conversations about racism is deeply discomforting to many readers, it is a necessary aspect of any realistic account of our nation’s history,” the National Coalition Against Censorship wrote to the superintendent. “A pedagogically sound approach to curricular selection requires educational professionals to ask whether a book has educational value, not whether it is comfortable.”

      At this rate, the establishment will purge every last book and idea that once defined America and American culture. Already, God is banned in the classroom, even though America’s founders recognized as a self-evident truth the fact that human beings are endowed with rights by their Creator. All that is left now in the war on America, it seems, is the mopping-up operation.

      Parents and the nation must take urgent action.

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