Sheriffs Look To Deputize Teachers Following Florida Shooting

      With politicians having turned schools into magnets for mass murderers by declaring them to be “gun-free zones,” a national alliance of constitutionally minded sheriffs and lawmen has vowed to deputize some teachers if needed. That would allow them to lawfully carry weapons at school, even if anti-gun politicians insist on leaving the children helpless.

      The law enforcement group, known as the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (CSPOA), agrees that America must “do something” about school shootings. But instead of more infringements on the constitutionally protected gun rights of law-abiding citizens, restrictions that do nothing but protect criminals, the lawmen provided a list of ideas they say would actually help.

      First on the list is repealing “gun-free school zone” laws across America, including an unconstitutional federal statute pushed by then-Senator Joe Biden. Some 98 percent of mass shootings in America have occurred in “gun-free” zones, studies show, and countless experts have said the reason why is clear -mass murderers know they can massacre children with impunity and face no opposition until police arrive.

      Major national organizations such as the Gun Owners of America have been lobbying hard to do away with the so-called “mass-murder zones” for years. And Congressman Thomas Massie (R-Ky.) has already introduced legislation in Congress, dubbed the “Safe Students Act,” or HR 34, that would repeal the unconstitutional infringements and allow gun owners to lawfully protect America’s children.

      Secondly, the CSPOA supports the training and arming of volunteer faculty at schools so that they can carry weapons in defense of their students. “Once trained, these Americans, who have a vested interest in protecting schools and school children, can bring an end to a shooting spree with planned concerted action,” the lawmen said in a statement, a popular idea supported by more than 80 percent of police. Numerous jurisdictions from Texas to Colorado are already doing that.

      Finally, where politicians insist on disarming all law-abiding citizens at schools, the CSPOA wants county sheriffs to use their authority to train and deputize school faculty. That would allow those deputized teachers and administrators, as sworn deputies of the sheriff, to be armed at school, regardless of what politicians think.

      “As a retired police officer, firearms instructor, and retired school teacher, I know that more anti-gun legislation will not get the good guys with guns to the scene any faster,” explained CSPOA Legislative Liaison Rick Dalton. “Our proposals will ensure that good guys with guns will already be on scene and ready to stop intruders.”

      Ending the dangerous “gun-free” policies that have facilitated so many mass murders in America should be a no-brainer. After all, whether it be the 77 children slaughtered in gun-free Norway by a madman with an illegal gun, or the 500+ casualties of the attack in gun-free Paris, these massacres only end when armed men arrive at the scene to engage the shooter.

      But as the Newman Report explained earlier this week, an even more serious problem that contributes to these atrocities is that God has been expelled from schools by rogue judges who pervert the Constitution. Florida lawmakers recently took a small step by advancing a bill mandating that the phrase “In God We Trust” be put up in school buildings. That is a good start, but much more needs to be done.

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