Only 42% of Washington, D.C. Students on Track to Graduate

      Just 42 percent of Washington, D.C., high-school seniors in government schools are on track to graduate this year, according to data released by D.C. Public Schools. And of those, many, if not most, will be woefully unqualified to do much of anything, including read or do basic math.

      The numbers for the 2017-1018 school year are down significantly from the 73 percent graduation rate last year. That is probably because of a massive scandal that erupted when it was revealed that at least one government school in D.C. was fraudulently handing out diplomas to students who did not qualify for them.

      According to an official investigation that made headlines nationwide, one in three D.C. students who graduated last year were not actually eligible to receive for their diploma. Among other reasons, many of those students did not come to school enough to be able to graduate, as per the school district’s policy.

      At one local government school, less than one in five high-school seniors is on track to graduate this June. Even at the city’s best-performing government indoctrination center, barely half of the seniors are expected to graduate.

      D.C. Mayor Muriel E. Bowser, a far-left Democrat who visited the Stalinist regime enslaving Cuba for ideas on how to improve the city’s government “education“system, said she was not surprised by the new numbers.

      “We should have all expected it,” Bowser was quoted as saying, citing the official investigation last year exposing massive fraud in graduation rates. “These are the truest numbers we’ve had related to grades, attendance and graduation.”

      Of course, it would have been surprising if Bowser had been surprised. After all, according to the State Education Agency’s own data, more than two thirds of Washington, D.C’s population over the age of 15 is functionally illiterate. The overwhelmingly majority of those illiterates were victims of local government schools.

      The situation is probably worse today. Within the last five years, for instance, the government’s own numbers showed that just 17 percent of 8th grade students were considered “proficient” in reading. Less than one in five 8th graders was considered proficient in math. And this is according to the dumbed-down Common Core standards, which have been almost universally ridiculed for being at such a low level.

      The cost per pupil to taxpayers is in the neighborhood of $30,000 per year, among the highest in the nation. It is also the school district that is most blatantly under the thumb of federal control.

      Obviously, it’s not just Washington, D.C., government schools that are out of control. As The Newman Report pointed out last year, six public schools in nearby Baltimore could not produce one single student proficient in either English or math. Fully one third of Baltimore schools do not have a single student proficient in math – not even one! And in California, more than half of the students are not even proficient in reading.

      It is hard to imagine how any responsible parent could even consider allowing their children to attend a government indoctrination center masquerading as a public school in Washington D.C. In fact, sending one’s children to be educated by government in the nation’s capital is practically a guarantee for disaster – and that is based on the government’s own numbers!

      Unfortunately, the rest of the nation’s public schools are not much better.

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