Anti-Gun “Student” Movement Exposed as Establishment AstroTurf

      The so-called “student” movement dubbed “March for Our Lives” seeking to disarm the American people is not everything it seems to be. In fact, new revelations show that it is being financed and organized by some of the most well-funded establishment organizations, including public-relations gurus, teachers’ unions, and far-left outfits bankrolled by anti-American globalist George Soros.

      Ironically, the explosive information was first revealed by left-wing activist website According to its report, headlined “The Parkland Teens Fighting For Gun Control Have The Backing Of These Huge Organizing Groups,” behind the “student” movement are a number of “large progressive organizations, donors, and a high-powered public relations firm.”

      Among the organizations and outfits identified in the piece are Everytown for Gun Safety, a front group for billionaire anti-gun extremist Michael Bloomberg who has armed private security. While his AstroTurf group has wasted millions of dollars with nothing to show for it but rapidly expanding protections for gun rights across America, Bloomberg and his minions seem to think that parading children around might help turn the tide.

      Another prominent organization behind the “student” movement is, the fringe left-wing outfit funded by convicted criminal Soros. Of course, Soros, a self-styled atheist and “god,” has become a lighting rod for criticism — and not just because  he went on national TV to admit he had no guilt for helping National Socialists (Nazis) strip Jews of their property.

      Today Soros spends his ill-gotten wealth trying to corrupt Christianity, foment riots, and flood the West with Islamic migrants to undermine liberty and nation-states. He also thinks the most murderous regime in human history, the Communist Party dictatorship enslaving China, should “own” what he calls the “New World Order.

      Also involved in exploiting children as props to trample the God-given rights of Americans are tentacles of the fringe “Women’s March,” an outfit so ludicrous that it literally parades Islamist advocate for sharia law Linda Sarsour around the country as a role model for women. The Hamas-linked Council on American Islamic Relations is involved, too. So is tax-funded abortion giant Planned Parenthood, founded by a racist eugenicist and known today for its assistance inperpetrating coercive killings of unborn babies in China to enforce population control.

      Finally, the American Federation of Teachers — a radical left-wing union that purports to speak for educators — has played a key role in as well. Indeed, the AFT even bused children to Florida’s Capitol so they could lobby politicians to violate their oath of office to support the state and U.S. constitutions.

      Has-been celebrities and radical left-wing politicians such as disgraced Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and Socialist Bernie “the Bolshevik” Sanders are exploiting the children to advance their radical agenda as well. Bigwig corporate execs and billionaires are, too, media reports revealed.

      Buzzfeed reported that all these groups and individuals are helping the phony students’ movement with everything from money and buses to organizing, promotion, and public relations work. In short, despite what the establishment media wants you to think, there is not grassroots uprising among brainwashed children demanding civilian disarmament — it is the very definition of an AstroTurf movement.

      Billionaire extremists hiding behind armies of armed guards while exploiting traumatized children as political props — all in a bid to infringe on the God-given rights of Americans and disarm law-abiding citizens — must be one of the more disgusting developments of 2018. But of course, with most of the “fake news” media playing along, it will be up to grassroots Americans to expose the fraud.

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