Schools Drop Knowledge For “Workforce Development”

      Citing alleged requirements under federal statutes, lawmakers in Indiana are busy transforming government schools into “workforce development” programs, gradually substituting traditional education with schemes to facilitate central planning of the labor market. While there is opposition, it is clear that the education establishment is moving forward with the controversial agenda anyway.

      The legislation in Indiana, dubbed SB 50, makes clear that something profound is taking place. For instance, the bill would create a “workforce cabinet” appointed by the governor that would, among other tasks, create “a comprehensive career navigation and coaching system for Indiana.” All high-schools would be required to participate in the scheme. Over time, government will play a larger and larger role in deciding where Americans work, with each individual being trained to do the job assigned to him or her by central planners and computers.

      Of course, the plot to sideline education in favor of “workforce training” is not new — it is simply being expanded and refined. According to news reports, Indiana already “operates a a confusing and multi-layered system in which a seemingly endless number of councils, boards and agencies—all with slightly different roles—control roughly $1 billion in various funding streams and programs aimed at making sure the state has enough skilled workers for the jobs of the future.”

      The mass-murdering regime enslaving the Soviet Union and other communist dictatorships have all believed that their central planners could mold the education system — and the children fed into it — to make sure that “the state has enough skilled workers for the jobs of the future.” And in every case, the results were appalling beyond belief: mass shortages, economic chaos, famine, gulags, mass murder, and more.

      In America, the concept of substituting real education in a broad range of subjects with “workforce development” was formally introduced by establishment globalist Marc Tucker in a now-infamous 1992 letter to Hillary Clinton. Tucker, the president of a Deep State front group known as the National Center of Education and the Economy, outlined a plot “to remold the entire American system” into a “seamless web that extends literally from cradle to grave and is the same system for everyone.”

      In short, the goal was to completely transform the mission of schools. No longer would government schools teach children knowledge and how to think. Rather, the schools would supposedly prepare the future workers for the jobs of the future — at least the future jobs that the central planners intend to make available. Obviously, the scheme goes contrary to everything America stands for: free will, free markets, free enterprise, and so on.

      Veteran educators are sounding the alarm. “Workforce development or ‘school-to- work’ is based on the Prussian theory of education; children are to become loyal to the state and drawn away from their parents,” explained Mary Black, who spent four decades in the classroom before helping create the FreedomProject Academy. “Fascination and admiration for this style of education was brought to U.S. education by Horace Mann and John Dewey.”

      According to Black, who provided testimony on the issue in Indiana, a trifecta of federal statutes created the “workforce development” regime in America. First was the 1994 School-to-Work Act. Next, in 1998, the Workforce Innovation Act (WIA) establishing one-stop career centers. Finally, the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act of 2014 expanded fascist-style private-public partnerships and “career pathway models.”

      Today, the situation has become so outrageous that the Marxist term “human capital” is now commonly used to refer to students in discussions on “workforce development,” Black explained. And many of the textbooks used in schools are geared toward demoralizing and undermining students on the road to a system-wide revolution in education.

      Combined with dumbed down national Common Core “standards” and the totalitarian Every Student Succeeds Act, along with the “progressive” education regime unleashed by Dewey that has been dumbing Americans down for generations, real education has all but ceased to exist at government schools in America. Instead, children are being turned into indoctrinated cogs in a global machine. Parents should plan accordingly.

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