Student Assaulted and Punished After Supporting Gun Rights

      When public school officials in Middleburgh, New York, called an assembly and used it to promote outrageous anti-Second Amendment propaganda demonizing American gun owners, at least one student objected. After the assembly, 17-year-old Christian Breault expressed his concerns about it to other students. In response, Breault was attacked by an indoctrinated anti-gun student who had become agitated from the propaganda pushed by the school. And when Breault defended himself from the bully, the same school officials who sought to indoctrinate the children with their agenda punished him for it.

      Now, the student’s father wants the principal to step down. “The principal is the reason this happened,” Brian Breault told The Newman Report in a phone interview, saying the official’s decision was “very, very foolish.” “If she had not approved this video, and allowed this anti-gun agenda to be pushed on our children, and this young man would not have been agitated, then my son would not have suffered from defending the Second Amendment. Where is the accountability for this principal? I think she should step down.”

      “Did she think of the board when she put her political views before everything else? Did she think about her faculty and the fact that they might not have the same views as her? Did she think about the children who don’t share her views? How about the taxpayers who pay her salary? How about the parents of the children?” asked the father. “If we have somebody like that at our schools across the country, willing to put their political beliefs above those of the children and their communities, that is a problem.”

      In an e-mail to The Newman Report, Christian explained what happened. Instead of the promised assembly on “school safety,” the principal decided to show a propaganda video by far-left CNN, widely ridiculed as “fake news” by mainstream America and even President Trump. “When they showed us the anti-NRA/2nd Amendment video by CNN I was furious to see that an assembly that was meant to be emotional and in remembrance of those 17 victims turned into a far-left political assembly,” he said, wondering how and why it happened. The video, dubbed “We call BS,” has been widely criticized and ridiculed for being so dishonest and propagandistic.

      Christian said he believes the video was “totally false,” noting that it painted him and all other students who support the Second Amendment or the NRA as “criminals” and “bad people.” “That type of video should never be shown in school except for maybe political classes like my College US Politics class, NOT in an assembly where the pro-gun students can’t defend their views,” Christian continued.

      Of course, as somebody who had already enlisted in the military with an oath to the Constitution, and somebody with self-taught knowledge of history and the reasoning behind the Second Amendment, Christian had to speak up. And so he did, telling other students why gun rights are so important.

      “The Second Amendment is a shield that protects the constitution and the rights stated in it by allowing the people to bear arms and form militias to defend themselves from an oppressive government foreign or domestic,” he explained. “It allows us to protect our free state of life. Think of the Second Amendment as a lock on a bank vault. Inside the bank vault are all of our 26 other amendments. Once you break the vault’s lock (taking away the 2nd Amendment), you have access to steal or take away everything inside. Once the government takes the right to bear arms away, that is when the people lose a grip on keeping the rest of our 26 Amendments.”

      Apparently one anti-gun student did not want to hear it, though, and so he violently attacked Christian, who proceeded to defend himself. “When I defended myself from the student that assaulted me, I wasn’t only defending myself,” he said. “I was defending my right to free speech and the right to own an opinion.”

      “For the school to suspend me for defending myself and my rights PROVES that our schools have FAILED US, my generation and our future generations,” Christian added. “If I was assaulted and defended myself off school grounds, I wouldn’t be punished by the state or police. For the school to punish me or anyone else in my situation, teaches our young that they DO NOT have the right to defend themselves, which is totally contradicting what is written in our country’s laws.”

      In short, public schools are not teaching America’s youth how to live in the real world, Christian continued. “Punishing the victim for defending themselves in my opinion is ‘BS,’” he added, a mocking reference to the CNN propaganda segment. “I CALL BS…. If it were up to me, my principal would be FIRED, and replaced with a principal who is neutral, who doesn’t force politics and their opinions on the students.”

      Ultimately, the superintendent of the school district apologized to parents for the effort to indoctrinate students with politics. “During the assembly, a video was shown that changed the focus of the conversation from school safety to politics,” said Brian Dunn, who runs the Middleburgh School District. “This was not our desired outcome for the event, and we regret and sincerely apologize for that result.”

      Unfortunately, horror stories from across the country are still piling up. Students and teachers have been bullied into participating in the George Soros-funded AstroTurf movement to protest guns. Others have been bullied for refusing to participate or for defending gun rights. As long as parents continue to allow their children to be indoctrinated with anti-American propaganda, though, it is only going to keep getting worse.

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