Does God Have an Opinion on Education?

      In a fantastic and bold new book, prominent homeschooling author and speaker Israel Wayne explores one of the most important questions of all time for parents, teachers and children: Does God have an opinion on education? Spoiler alert: Yes, He does.

      In fact, as Wayne shows, Scripture is filled with God’s views on education. Among other reasons to read the book, the reader will find abundant evidence in both the Old Testament and the New Testament that God commands parents — not government — to oversee the education of their children. There are so many verses that it would fill pages and pages to go through them all.

      The book, titled Education: Does God Have an Opinion? A Biblical Apologetic for Christian Education & Homeschooling, should be considered mandatory reading for every parent. Even those without children will find much to enjoy. Particularly insightful is Wayne’s solid and courageous case — moral, biblical, and pragmatic — against the existence of government schools in the first place.

      It is especially crucial that Christian and Jewish parents with children in government schools become familiar with this information. “Every Scripture in the Bible dealing with education places it squarely on the shoulders of parents,” Wayne writes, giving dozens of examples throughout the book’s 238 pages.

      In addition to exposing the myriad horrors taking place in government schools — including indoctrination into an anti-Christian worldview — Wayne gives an amazing overview of the benefits of parent-led, God-centered education. He also answers typical objections parents express about taking control of their children’s education.

      But even parents who are already fulfilling their God-given duty when it comes to education have much to learn. In Part 2 of the book, for instance, Wayne offers a full chapter on each of the important subjects that make up a complete education: logic, math, science, social studies, philosophy, arts, literature, history, and more.

      Even the most experienced homeschool parent will learn a great deal. This writer was especially pleased to see Wayne tackle the phonics issue, if only tangentially. Beyond that, the book answers so many questions that Christian parents everywhere wrestle with. For instance, how should parents deal with the study of philosophy, and in particular, with anti-Christian philosophers?

      While Wayne clearly leans toward homeschooling, he suggests that there are several acceptable options available to parents seeking to obey God. Among them: homeschooling co-ops, Christian tutors, privately funded virtual academies, traditional brick and mortar Christian schools, and other methods that combine some of those.

      Particular emphasis is placed on teaching children how to think and reason, and how to apply God’s Word to life. “ If parents simply tell children what to believe and give them a list of dos and dont’s to memorize, they may likely make the wrong choice when faced with a situation that isn’t on the list,” he writes, calling on parents to equip their children. “It is imperative that children learn to reason and discern right from wrong.”

      This book does a masterful job of laying out the biblical case for homeschooling and God-centered education. It will make you a better parent, a better educator, and a better Christian. Get a copy today, and spread the word.

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