UN Unveils Funding Plan to Push Education Agenda

      The dictators club known as the United Nations has a plan to indoctrinate even more children around the world to believe in its totalitarian ideologies of globalism and “sustainable development” — mostly at your expense. Known as the “International Finance Facility for Education,” the scheme also aims to further regionalize and globalize education.

      The UN plan is fairly simple. First, take billions of dollars in taxpayer money from the poor and middle class in Western countries. Then, “leverage it” to get even more, distributing it to regional and global “development” banks. Finally, use all of that “innovative financing” to bribe Third World kleptocrats into creating or expanding national indoctrination regimes aligned with the UN agenda.

      As an added benefit for globalists, the UN scheme will help push Third World populations deeper into unsustainable debt to international mega-banks — all to benefit the elite and indoctrinate the children. It will also help standardize “education” around the world, smashing educational diversity and liberty while undermining what remains of local and community control over education.

      The whole plot is built around the so-called UN Agenda 2030, also known as the “Sustainable Development Goals.” In particular, Goal 4 calls for a UN-approved indoctrination program lasting at least 12 years for every child on the planet. “Children, young women and men are critical agents of change,” explains the UN agreement, which has not been ratified by the U.S. Senate as required by the Constitution but is nevertheless being implemented worldwide.

      Under the UN plan, it is not enough for the children to merely submit to the UN’s extremist vision of “sustainable development.” In fact, the goals call for “all learners” to be so indoctrinated that they will even go out an “promote sustainable development.” That means a rigorous brainwashing program that includes “education for sustainable development and sustainable lifestyles,” the UN goals say.

      For those unfamiliar with so-called “sustainable development,” it is basically a marketing slogan concealing an ideology that combines Marxism, globalism, and technocracy all in one. In fact, reading through Agenda 2030, which openly demands national and international wealth redistribution and government control over the economy, that becomes abundantly clear. The UN wants children everywhere to adopt this freakish ideology, and “education” is the weapon of choice.

      The new funding plan will help make that a reality. “The Facility will make its guarantee base available to Multilateral Development Banks (MDBs) – the African, Asian, and Inter-American Development Banks, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, and the World Bank,” explains the UN page. Among the criteria for funding: having a “credible education sector plan,” government or dictator “agreement to prioritize education within its national budget,” and agreement on “integrating results-based approaches.”

      In short, by fleecing Western taxpayers and poor people worldwide, the coalition of globalists, socialists, and communists behind the plan intend to lend your money to poorer governments, and then force them to impose a “sustainable” vision of “education” on their subjects. All of it is being done under the guise of preparing human resources for the “modern workforce.”

      Globalist propagandists expect President Trump to balk at the latest UN scheme, but Congress is another matter.

      Rather than helping the UN can wrap its slimy tentacles around the minds of even more children, the U.S. Congress should be working to bring the well-documented legions of UN pedophiles and rapists roaming the planet to justice. After that, withdrawing from the UN completely by passing the American Sovereignty Restoration Act would help crush the globalist agenda.

      Whether government ought to have any role in education is debatable. But that is a debate communities and states should be having. All sensible people should agree that allowing the corrupt dictators club that is the UN to brainwash children should be completely out of the question.

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