Students Given Sex Questionnaire in Science Class

      Freshmen at Parshall High School in rural North Dakota were given a bizarre questionnaire this week asking them about their understanding of sex, marital infidelity, and noisy love-making neighbors. The answer options were also highly biased and inappropriate, totally misrepresenting the nature and purpose of sexual activity in a way that sidelines biblical teachings and morality.

      Among the troubling questions was number 3, which asked the 14-year-old students what sex “is” for them. There were only three options:

      “Sex is for you:

      a) a way of asserting yourself and gaining pleasure?
      b) a way of surrendering yourself and giving pleasure?
      c) a way of attaining all of these?”

      There was no option for procreation, strengthening marital bonds, or anything else associated with traditional moral values.

      Another question asks:

      “Your best friend’s husband / wife is flaunting an affair with a younger partner. Friends find this amusing. Do you:

      a) advise the offending party to at least be discreet?
      b) tell your best friend?
      c) join in the secret laughter?”

      Why children need to ponder such questions was not clear.

      Yet another question asked students what they would do if a couple in the apartment above “makes love noisily during the night.” Answers include banging on the ceiling and feeling resentful, or waking “your partner” and telling him or her that “you might as well make a similar noise yourselves.”

      Another questions asks whether a “lover” is a “luxury,” a “part of the furniture,” or a “necessity.” Lifelong partner in holy matrimony and in the raising of the next generation while living out God’s design for marriage, of course, was not an option on the questionnaire.

      Based on one’s answers, the questionnaire is supposed to tell the student whether they are independent enough, too independent, or not independent enough. What exactly this has to do with physics or science was not immediately clear.

      The questionnaire was sent to The Newman Report by Ruth Zacher, a whistleblower and former teacher at the school who received it from a student in the class who felt uncomfortable and took pictures. “This is just a small sample of what goes on in that school,” Zacher told FreedomProject Media. “It is a breeding ground for promiscuity, failing academics — it’s a free for all, it’s so bad I started calling it a sex fest. You should see the videos!”

      Zacher, whose own children suffered at the school years ago, said the environment was so terrible and out of control that reporters dare not delve into it. “The story is just too big,” she said. Despite multiple meetings with scandal-plagued State Superintendent of Public Instruction Kirsten Baesler, nothing has yet been done to remedy the growing problems.

      Parshall High School is a tiny school with less than 100 students, and yet over 100 adults benefit financially from it, Zacher said. “My kids are embarrassed to admit they came from that school,” she continued, adding that anyone who speaks out is viciously attacked by those milking the taxpayers via the school.

      “Nobody dares do it, but I’m going to tell the truth — taxpayers deserve to know the truth,” said Zacher, who used to teach there. “I pay for this school in my taxes. I do not like paying for this child abuse and sexual harassment, it is against my religion to pay for this. I do not want to pay one more cent.”

      The Newman Report contacted the school district for comment. The person who answered the phone said the superintendent was not available today and that nobody else was authorized to make a comment.

      If a tiny conservative community with less than a thousand residents in rural North Dakota cannot keep this evil out of the classroom, just imagine what is happening in bigger districts. Not only are the students becoming illiterates who can’t do basic math, they are being sexualized and their moral compass is being corrupted. Parents must protect their children, because nobody else will.

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