School District Teaching Biological Sex Is Meaningless

      As if to prove that the looniest lunatics are really running the asylum, policymakers with the far-left school board in Fairfax County, Virginia, voted overwhelming to teach children that their biological sex is meaningless. The officials also plan to teach 12- and 13-year old children to embrace transgenderism, without providing any information on the risks.

      The outlandish schemes in Virginia were first reported by the conservative-leaning Family Research Council on its blog. In its report, the FRC highlighted changes to the so-called “Family Life Education” curriculum approved by a committee of “sex-ed” advisors that “will take things from bad to worse.” And bad may be a severe understatement.

      Among the changes to the Orwellian “sex ed” program: scrubbing the term “biological sex” from all lessons. In its place, officials want to use the increasingly nutty language of the gender theorists — “sex assigned at birth,” in this case. One advisor quoted in reports explained it succinctly: “Biological sex is meaningless.” Apparently science is not emphasized much in Fairfax.

      Also on the list of changes is teaching children (every year for four years) to use a daily drug regimen to supposedly help them avoid AIDS. The anti-viral Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis program, know as PrEP, involves taking anti-viral drugs everyday. It is specifically designed for homosexual men who have sex with other men without condoms. And it is not approved by the FDA for children.

      Incredibly, the plan being pushed in Fairfax, as has happened in California, would end the right of parents to opt out of certain “dating” and “family” lessons that push everything from fornication and homosexuality to gender confusion.

      When children end up numb, hurting, and confused from all the immoral sex and gender propaganda pushed on them at government school, the schools have a list of “trusted adults” that students can consult for help. Under the new scheme, “clergy” will no longer be included, presumably because some might still hold to biblical notions of morality and sexuality.

      “Fairfax kids deserve better,” wrote Cathy Ruse on the FRC blog after detailing the changes. “And the Fairfax School Board members need to find another line of work.”

      The latest scandal in Virginia “education” comes on the heels of another scandal in that state. WND recently reported on an outrageous video shown to 14-year-old girls in Virginia’s Albemarle district that was so explicit, officials were warned that exposing the children to this “mental rape” was likely a felony violation of state and federal laws. The pornographic program, which encourages all manner of sex and perversion while advertising for sex toys, was part of the “Family Life Education” program.

      “This kind of gutter trash has no place in public schools,” wrote Mat Staver, founder of the public-interest law firm Liberty Counsel, about the horrifying Planned Parenthood videos shown to young girls. “This is not education. This is raping children. The school district has caused irreversible harm to children and parents. The school must never allow this to happen again.”

      Government schools are now openly sexualizing and grooming young children for sex and perversion — something that pedophiles and evil-doers are notorious for doing to facilitate their crimes. Not only is it outrageous and abusive, it is also illegal in every state. All sensible parents must immediately remove their children from this wicked environment or risk irreparable physical, mental, and spiritual harm to their loved ones.

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