Public Schools Force Radical Leftist Speaker on Children

      Government schools across America are bringing in a highly controversial activist who works to persuade impressionable, captive children to support everything from Big Government and the man-made global-warming hypothesis to the mass influx of migrants into the United States. As far as can be determined, no speakers with contrasting views are invited in to balance out the far-left indoctrination sessions.

      Activist David Radcliff leads what is called the “New Community Project.” According to its own description, it is a “small organization with a big goal – to change the world by changing the way we relate to the planet and its people.” Leadership of the group includes several far-left clerics who distort Scripture to promote their unbiblical ideology and favored policies on the environment and other areas.

      One of their key targets is school children. “In schools, our presentations are geared to the particular age group and are created in consultation with the host teacher(s),” the group’s website explains, adding that fees (paid by taxpayers) are “flexible” but should include a “modest contribution” to the New Community Project. “For any age group, we typically use photos and stories to engage students while also connecting their lifestyle choices to the world around them.”

      Radcliff, the leader, regularly speaks at public elementary, middle, and high schools all over the country. He appears to specialize in trying to turn the captive children into like-minded activists. For example, during a recent session with 7th grade students, he worked to build sympathy among the young children for the mass importation of migrants from Third World countries.

      Speaking to 6th graders, meanwhile, he pushed the discredited man-made global-warming hypothesis on the children, as well as his environmental views. First, he told them to explain how humans are bad for the environment. Then, he reinforced his view that humans are bad for the environment. Finally, he urged the children to come up with things to do to deal with bad humans supposedly messing up the environment.

      By his own admission, when he speaks on global warming, he deliberately conceals the fact that thousands of scientists reject his theory, which has been rejected by most Americans in polls and even by many of the United Nations’ hand-picked scientists — not to mention the evidence. Also by his own admission, he tells the young children that he scavenges for food out of dumpsters, acknowledging that he is “a bit of an extremist in my own lifestyle.” He shows pictures to the kids of food he found in the trash.

      On the group’s climate page, it quotes climate activist Gwynn Dyer claiming that, “We have to decarbonize our economy, not just our personal habits—and do it soon.” By “decarbonize,” climate activists mean ending the use of gas, oil, and other forms of God-given energy that are crucial to living a decent life. Radcliff’s “action plan” calls on children to “become an agent for change in our communities and society.” The UN also demands in Agenda 2030 that children become “agents of change.”

      The NCP program also urges them to calculate their “CO2 footprint,” as if CO2, a gas exhaled by every living human, were some sort of menace. Other suggestions are even more outlandish and inappropriate. For instance, under the header “change the system,” children are taught that “we need deep and far-reaching changes in the way our society and economy are arranged.” That includes lobbying for policy changes.

      Parents and taxpayers expressed outrage after learning that Radcliff was given access to children to promote his fringe ideas at taxpayer expense. “I’m appalled that he is given unfettered access to kids in the classrooms across the country to indoctrinate them with UN propaganda,” Rhonda Miller, education chair for the Indiana Liberty Coalition, told The Newman Report. “This should make every parent furious!”

      “He stated that he’s been coming to Northwood Middle School for 6 or 7 years now and parents had no idea,” continued Miller, a leader in the battle against propaganda and indoctrination in Indiana’s government schools. “It wasn’t until this year that parents were even given an option of opting their kids out due to our efforts of raising awareness.”

      Radcliff may well be a nice guy and genuinely believe he is doing the right thing. Unfortunately, he did not answer the phone or return a request for comment by press time. But his ideology is highly controversial, to put it charitably. And it is totally inappropriate to subject young children to these indoctrination sessions without even providing alternative views.

      Unfortunately, though, this sort of scandalous occurrence is actually the norm in government schools today. And most parents have no idea it is even happening.

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