Florida Schools Break Law By Pushing Lies About Evolution & Climate Change

      Several Florida school boards are under fire after adopting social studies and science textbooks that experts say blatantly violate state law. Among other concerns, the books present the evolution theory and the man-made global-warming theory — both of which remain hotly debated by scientists and both of which are rejected by most Americans in polls — as if they were incontrovertible fact. Not one legitimate scientist in the world would claim that either theory was a fact.

      Florida law (FS 1006.31) mandates that all instructional materials adopted by school boards in the state be “accurate, objective, balanced, non-inflammatory.” But the bias in some of the books was so outrageous that even Charlotte County school board hearing officer Alfred Current, presented with examples of violations by local residents, documented some of it in his report.

      Current wrote that some of the books being considered by the Charlotte County School Board contained “bias, slant, and the introduction of unnecessary information with regards to lifestyle choices, religious views, and political persuasion that could be presented in a different fashion.” And yet, despite stacks of documentation proving a violation of the statute due to “bias” and “slant,” the board voted to adopt the books anyway.

      Critics were outraged. In a statement released last month, the Florida Citizens Alliance, which represents more than 20,000 supporters in the state, argued that the decision by school board officials was “illegal” and was a “violation of Florida Laws.” The group also slammed what it called the “unacceptable indoctrination” of the state’s almost 3 million students in government schools.

      In Florida’s Collier County, FCA member Keith Flaugh has been fighting similar battles to keep biased and misleading textbooks out of the classroom. In fact, Flaugh, who has been involved in this for years, submitted extensive documentation proving that the controversial books pushing evolution and global warming as fact while presenting no alternative views were a clear violation of the law.

      “My submissions contain extensive documentation to challenge these materials as absolute fact,” he explained. “I am not standing here to tell you one theory is right and one is wrong. I am saying that you are legally bound to adopt materials that present the alternative views to our students as theories to allow them to make their own conclusions rather than intimidate and bully these young minds with a political agenda.”

      Ever since the Supreme Court illegally kicked God out of schools, and even before that, the government “education” system has been indoctrinating students into the false religions and ideologies of John Dewey and other architects of the school system — namely, humanism, globalism, and atheism. This flies in the face of what America’s Founding Fathers considered a “self-evident truth,” that people were created by a Creator who endowed them with inalienable rights.

      Florida statutes require that textbooks be neutral. They also require that schools teach children America’s founding values, which very much include the self-evident truth that they were created by a loving Creator who gave them rights and values their lives. This should hardly be controversial.

      Instead, though, in school districts across the state, government is brainwashing naive children to believe the absurd hypothesis that they came from slime that turned into apes through a series of chance occurrences for no reason — and the children are not even being told that there are other views, including the Creationist view held by most Americans and countless scientists.

      That is not just wrong, it is illegal. But until enough parents and taxpayers speak out, the unlawful indoctrination will continue.

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