Study Proves LGBT Indoctrination at School is Working

      The number of American children identifying as lesbian, homosexual, bisexual, or confused is surging across the nation, according to a newly released study by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control. The trend comes as government schools push homosexuality and gender confusion more aggressively and at earlier ages all over the country.

      According to the CDC survey, known as the Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance, almost 15 percent of teenagers last year were labeling themselves “gay, lesbian, bisexual or unsure.” For perspective, two years earlier, in 2015, that number was about 11 percent. In 2015, about 9.8 percent of girls labeled themselves bisexual. Last year, that number surged to more than 13 percent. And that is just the start.

      The homosexuality and confusion was also strongly correlated to other problematic, illegal, and sinful behaviors. For instance, among self-described heterosexual students, 12 percent had driven a car after smoking marijuana. Among self-described homosexual or “unsure” children, the number was over 42 percent. Sexual experimentation and promiscuity are also far more prevalent among self-described homosexuals, as was drinking alcohol prior to age 13.

      The CDC survey, conducted last year but only released this month, found that self-identification as a homosexual was far more prevalent in big city school districts run by the most radical “progressives.” The highest rates were reported in New York City, where more than one fourth of students described themselves as homosexual or unsure. Baltimore, Chicago, D.C., Detroit, Atlanta, and others also topped the charts.

      “Do you see a pattern here? Large, progressive-leaning urban school districts – those friendly to the ‘LGBTQ’ and Planned Parenthood school agendas – are getting predictably rotten results,” explained Linda Harvey, president of the Christian ministry Mission America, in a piece at WND exploring the findings. “Take this information to your next school board meeting.”

      The latest results also support findings released by the University of California, Los Angeles, last year showing that over one fourth of students ages 12 through 17 in that state now identify as “gender non-conforming.” While the CDC study did not examine the “transgender” phenomena, the UCLA study comes amid similar surges in gender confusion across “progressive” Western European societies.

      While American and European government schools push homosexuality, gender confusion, and globalism on captive children, Russian and Chinese schools are teaching children there about the inevitable end of decadent and perverted Western culture. If current trends continue, the results will be tragic beyond imagination as what was once known as Christendom collapses into a cesspool of moral filth.

      The militant LGBT movement and its establishment sponsors have long argued that brainwashing and sexualizing children is simply an effort to end bullying, ensure “safety,” and promote tolerance. But as the CDC study and other data show, and as the LGBT movement understood all along, the real result is a dramatic surge in confusion and perversion.

      American parents must act to protect their children immediately.

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