While Attacking Trump, Washington Post Defends Government Schools

      In a half-baked column that was apparently meant to be a defense of government schools, Washington (Com) Post “education” columnist Valerie Strauss wondered why non-government education was not being blamed for the “mess” that she believes President Donald Trump has inflicted on America. The piece sounds like it was written by a victim of government schools.

      While there is little coherence to the column, there are several points interspersed randomly throughout it that deserve to be mentioned. Perhaps most importantly, it claims that since Americans often blame government indoctrination centers for problems facing America, it is unfair that private schools are not being blamed for Trump because he attended a private school.

      “In recent years, there has been a common lament that a decline in civics education has turned generations of Americans into dopes who don’t vote or pay much attention to the civic life of the country, and that is the reason for the lamentable state of U.S. politics,” Strauss wrote. “President Trump did not attend public schools.”

      “Since becoming president, Trump has shown remarkable ignorance of U.S. history and how the government he heads actually works,” Strauss continued, without offering a single example to support her silly claim. “So, if the public schools were responsible for the Sputnik debacle, are the private schools responsible for Trump’s ignorance?”

      Bizarrely, the education columnist for one of America’s most unhinged anti-Trump publications goes on to argue that government schools are not really responsible for many of the problems that are attributed to them. Instead, citing alleged “research” without providing any specifics, she blames families. And as “evidence,” she cites another writer for the ComPost, which has been known to blatantly lie and deceive its readers — on purpose!

      Ironically, Strauss apparently does not even know what form of government America has, suggesting in her column that America is a “democracy” and that there is something wrong with a growing number of Americans believing “democracy” is a bad system. In reality, America is a constitutional republic. And James Madison, the “Father of the U.S. Constitution,” explained very clearly in the Federalist Papers why he and his fellow framers viewed democracy as a horrible system.

      The rambling by Straus ran under the headline: “Donald Trump went to private schools. Should we blame them for the mess America’s in?” And as the title would suggest, the piece provided ample evidence that its author and her editors are suffering from an acute and potentially dangerous case of Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS).

      While the syndrome has been pervasive at the Compost since before Trump was even elected, the president’s recent comments ridiculing the paper for publishing “fake news” and calling it a “lobbyist for Amazon” appear to have intensified the TDS. Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, a globalist Bilderberg attendee and a victim of TDS, bought the Compost in 2013.

      Like a blind squirrel, Strauss occasionally manages to find a nut or two. For instance, despite massive shortcomings in her analysis, she has provided some interesting commentary on the ostensible failure of billionaire Bill Gates’ education machinations. She has also criticized Common Core, albeit mildly, from time to time. But this latest piece needs to be read to be believed.

      The fact that more and more establishment propaganda organs feel the need to defend government schools is a good sign. It means the establishment realizes that Americans are slowly waking up to the massive threat these institutions pose to America’s children and liberty.

      But when reading garbage like Strauss’ screed in a national newspaper, one almost wonders if it is already too late to save the country from the establishment’s dumbing-down program known as “public education.” Parents, get your children out now.

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