University Professors Join Forces to Kill 1st Amendment on Campus

      The far-left American Association of University Professors (AAUP), which styles itself the “leading organization primarily dedicated to protecting the academic freedom of professors,” has launched a campaign to fight against free speech on college campuses. Seriously.

      Responding to legislation in dozens of states that seeks to enforce the rights enshrined in the First Amendment at tax-funded institutions of supposed “higher learning,” the professors launched a project dubbed “One Faculty, One Resistance.” It is just as nutty as it sounds.

      The legislation being targeted by the anti-liberty “educators” allows victims of university censorship policies and discrimination to sue. Already, at least 10 states have signed the measures into law, with another 24 currently considering the bill, according to news reports.

      The measure seeks to ensure that universities do not stifle free speech with policy, or allow far-left fascists to shut down speech they disagree with by using violence and threats. Students targeted by anti-speech college officials or terrorists are provided legal remedies to ensure that their God-given rights are upheld.

      But for far-left university professors who hate free speech and hate conservatives even more, it is all part of some vast right-wing conspiracy to protect conservative speech. And apparently they feel like only they should have the right to decide what goes on at colleges.

      “Academic administration should be in the hands of academics,” the nutty professors say in a “talking points” document defending their censorship schemes. “Legislative interference with campus policy is unnecessary, paternalistic, and undermines the institutional autonomy of public colleges and universities.”

      In other words, the people paying for the madness and their elected representatives should just shut up and hand over the money — no strings attached, including the protection of basic freedoms and civilized standards.

      Incredibly, efforts to protect free speech are also bad because they infringe on “academic freedom,” the AAUP declared. Of course, because they define “academic freedom” as the freedom to indoctrinate America’s youth at taxpayer expense without allowing anyone to challenge their deranged ideology, it may be true that free speech would infringe on their twisted vision of “academic freedom.”

      As Forbes explained, though, AAUP ripped off its own mask, revealing that the pseudo-education organization “has jettisoned genuine learning in favor of indoctrination.” Legislation protecting free speech, AAUP claimed, is actually “a political agenda masquerading behind ‘free speech.’” The reason: the bills “are tailored specifically to respond to the kinds of incidents that have affected conservative speakers.”

      Obviously, conservatives and Christians have not and do not use violence and terror against left-wing speakers, no matter how grotesque they may be. Nor do the radical left-wing administrators and policymakers running almost all tax-funded universities discriminate against left-wing speakers. But they do discriminate against Christians and conservatives, and they do it proudly.

      “Let AAUP’s deceived and deceiving proclamation be etched into the tombstone of the organization, which, for the sake of short-term political advantage, has served hemlock to all that is noble about higher education,” wrote Forbes education and culture columnist Tom Lindsay in his piece exposing the AAUP’s anti-speech antics.

      As taxpayers begin to understand the unfathomable madness that has taken over tax-funded college campuses, the efforts to protect speech are expected to spread further. Unfortunately, though, it is probably too little too late — tantamount, perhaps, to re-arranging deck chairs on the Titanic.

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