Teacher Says Somebody Should “Kill Kavanaugh”

      A government-school teacher in Minnesota put out a post on social media urging somebody to kill newly confirmed Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, suggesting whoever murdered the judge would “take one for the team.” The unhinged tweet reveals that many far-left teachers charged with educating America’s future voters are becoming increasingly extreme and potentially even dangerous.

      The teacher in question, Samantha Ness at the Alliance Education Center in Rosemount, Minnesota, casually solicited the hit on social media, obviously using improper spelling and grammar. “So whose [sic] gonna take one for the team and kill Kavanaugh?” she asked, hiding behind the screen name “Spooky Sam.” After people expressed concerns, she noted that Kavanaugh “will be dealing with death threats for the rest of his life being on the Supreme Court.”

      In government edu-world, it may be perfectly acceptable to talk publicly about murdering people whose political views far-left teachers disagree with. But in the real world, the tweet attracted attention — and concern. Before long, perhaps realizing that normal people don’t just propose killing judges and others with whom they disagree, Ness appears to have realized the gravity of the situation. She promptly deleted her social media accounts.

      But it was too late. Concerned citizens had captured screen shots, which were shared with law enforcement authorities. It turns out that threatening a federal official is a felony. According to media reports, the Dakota County Sheriff’s Office alerted the FBI about the threat. The school launched an investigation, too, culminating in the teacher resigning voluntarily rather than allowing the situation to escalate.

      The school district responded but did not even bother condemning the extremist rhetoric and the call for deadly violence. “Over the weekend, the district has received a complaint regarding an employee. The employee has been placed on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation,” Superintendent Mark Zuzek of Intermediate School District 917 said in a statement. “At no time were students or staff in danger. Pursuant with the data practices act, we are limited to providing additional information regarding this matter.”

      Unfortunately, this is the environment that children in faced with all across America. The mentality that would drive somebody to solicit the assassination of a judge or anyone else runs rampant among faculty at government schools. Many of them — though not all — exist in a bubble where their colleagues would see nothing wrong with the outrageous tweet.

      If parents do not protect their children from this environment, nobody will.

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