NY Times FINALLY Exposes The Cause Of Mass Illiteracy

      It may be a century late to the party, but the Grey Lady has finally gotten around to exposing the most destructive quackery in American history — the “whole language” method used to “teach reading” (or not) that is used in government schools all over America; a scam so destructive that it has some half of Americans almost functionally illiterate, according to the government’s own tests.

      In a New York Times opinion column headlined “Why Are We Still Teaching Reading the Wrong Way?,” researcher Emily Hanford points out that “teacher preparation programs continue to ignore the sound science behind how people become readers.” “It’s a problem that has been hiding in plain sight for decades,” she added, without acknowledging that experts such as Rudolf Flesch of Why Johnny Can’t Read fame and Dr. Samuel Blumenfeld with The New Illiterates were blowing the whistle on this for many decades. In fact, Boston’s school masters rebelled against this quackery in the 1840s with a devastating critique.

      And yet, it continues to wreak havoc today. The statistics are almost too outlandish to be believed, but they come from the very governments that have every incentive to try to cover up the problem. Citing the government’s National Assessment of Educational Progress, the Times piece points out that less than four in 10 fourth graders are considered even “proficient” in reading. One third of children, she said, cannot read even at a “basic level” — said another way, they cannot read at all.

      In California, meanwhile, data from the California Department of Education reveals that less than half of students meet even the dumbed-down literacy proficiency standards under Common Core. In Washington, D,C., the State Education Agency report showed that more than two thirds of adults are functionally illiterate. These findings have been consistent since testing began.

      And yet, quacks in colleges of “Education” continue using the same quackery with slight alterations, forcing innocent children to memorize “whole words” as if they were reading Chinese instead of learning the sound of the letters as people with phonetic alphabets have done for millennia. This is literally the definition of insanity. Indeed, the lunatics running the “education” asylum in Washington, D.C., went down to Communist Cuba to get ideas on how that mass-murdering regime indoctrinates its children. Seriously.

      But the solution is not learning from mass murderers or wasting more millions on federal grants to come up with new variations or packages for the quackery. Instead, the solution it is very simple. “To become readers, kids need to learn how the words they know how to say connect to print on the page,” wrote Hanford. “They need explicit, systematic phonics instruction. There are hundreds of studies that back this up.” (Emphasis added)

      The problem, though, is that this tragic state of affairs is deliberate, as this writer and Dr. Blumenfeld show in the book Crimes of the Educators: How Utopians Are Using Government Schools to Destroy America’s Children. Of all the crimes being perpetrated by government indoctrination centers against children, turning them into life-long illiterates has got to rank among the worst. It is time for this to end, and yet powerful vested interests who know all of this refuse to budge.

      Perhaps the Times finally realized that its slide into bankruptcy and total irrelevancy would be unstoppable if its potential consumers cannot even read their high-school diplomas, much less the news. But whatever the paper’s motivation, this new column is great news for all Americans, and especially the children suffering under Common Core’s mandated “sight-word” regime that will damage their brains forever.

      Now, even the far-left liberals running the government “education” system will be unable to keep their heads in the sand about the cause of the reading crisis — and the solution. Maybe it’s not too late to save America, after all. If everyone reading this sends it to one school principal and two friends, maybe we can Make America Literate Again!!

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