Public School Helps child Get Sex Change Without Parental Approval

      Despite the specific instructions given by parents, a government school in Minnesota helped a child get irreversible “sex change” treatments under the guise of providing “healthcare.” Now the school district and the county are facing a massive lawsuit for trampling on the parental rights of the parents, WND reported. But the mentally troubled child’s body has now undergone irreversible changes.

      According to Thomas More Society Special Counsel Erick Kaardal, who is helping represent the parent victims, Anmarie Calgaro’s minor son, identified as “E.J.K.” in court documents, was subjected to “elective medical services for a sex change” by the St. Louis County School District. The parents never gave consent, and there was never a court order of emancipation.

      While the child was a minor, he “was steered through a life-changing, permanent body-altering process, becoming a pawn in someone else’s sociopolitical agenda,” continued Kaardal, who works with the Christian non-profit legal society. All the while, the child was “being influenced” by government school officials responsible who had “no legal or moral right to usurp the role of a parent.”

      But they did it anyway. They also gave the child narcotic drugs.

      Incredibly, the first district court ruled against the mother, despite agreeing her parental rights were intact. “There’s a real disconnect in the District Court decision where the mother’s parental rights are admitted but not honored,” said Kaardal after filing an appeal. “At the same time, the District Court claims those agencies which are clearly violating Calgaro’s acknowledged rights are doing nothing wrong.”

      An attorney representing the county, which is also being sued for its role, claimed the whole situation was attributable to a “worker error.” As such, authorities are claiming they have no responsibility or liability for facilitating the child’s irreversible “sex change” so-called “treatments” in violation of the specific wishes of the parents.

      Kaardal called the horror show “a parent’s worst nightmare.” And yet, as far as the out-of-touch school and county bureaucrats are concerned, it was no big deal — just another day feeding off the taxpayers while trampling on parental rights and conspiring to help a mentally ill child mutilate his genitals. Something is obviously terribly wrong with this picture. But it is not just Minnesota.

      Government schools across the country are not just facilitating fornication, abortion, and sex changes — they are actively encouraging children to engage in this immorality, perversion, and wickedness that will have devastating, life-long consequences. Responsible parents can no longer pretend like these are aberrations. Their innocent children may return home from school one day pumped up with hormones and with mutilated genitals, literally.

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