Yale to Get Vending Machine for Abortion Drugs

      Students at Yale University will soon be able to kill their unborn children without making a trip to the “doctor” or the pharmacy. Indeed, they will not even have to leave the school campus to get so-called “abortion pills” or “morning-after pills,” paid for by the university’s “health” plan.

      Under the new scheme approved by the “Yale College Council,” a vending machine in the “Good Life Center” will dispense the so-called “Plan B” abortion drug — euphemistically dubbed “emergency contraception” — to reckless fornicators at the “Ivy League” school. Condoms and “lube” will be available in the machine, too.

      While “Yale Health” is supposed to cover the cost of the abortion pills, the precise pricing scheme remains unclear. Either way, students will be encouraged to fornicate without regard for the moral consequences, knowing that if supposedly “safe” sex fails, pills to “terminate” the consequences — a human life — will be just around the corner.

      “The point of this is to make Plan B more accessible and to make medications in general more accessible,” Yale College Council representative Ileana Valdez, who spearheaded the installation effort, was quoted as saying by the Yale Daily News. “Hopefully this will set a precedent for more machines to show up around campus that contain other things so Yale students don’t have to go out of their way to go to CVS, especially students from the new colleges.”

      Apparently approval for the new vending-machine scheme to peddle dangerous abortion drugs came after the super-villains at Yale’s “Reproductive Justice Action League” — yes, that is really a thing — began demanding it. In the language of the sexual revolutionaries, “reproductive justice” is a marketing gimmick to promote tax-funded abortion and contraception, with the goal of also promoting fornication and an end to sexual morality.

      The pill, known as levonorgestrel, often works by causing changes to the uterus that prevent implantation and force the unborn child out of the womb. That is why it is often referred to as an abortifacient, or a product that causes an abortion. The “medicine” also has a well-documented list of side-effects such as significant weight gain, depression, ovarian cyst enlargement, gallbladder disease, high blood pressure, respiratory disorders, increased risk of ectopic pregnancy, and even death.

      And yet, school officials are delighted that indoctrinated young women will soon be able to buy the pills like candy from a vending machine. “I’m glad that the YCC is working to publicize awareness of the easy availability of Plan B at Yale Health,” said Yale’s “Assistant Dean of Student Affairs” Melanie Boyd, adding that students were told about access to the abortion pill at mandatory “workshops” as well.

      Morality appears to be a thing of the past at Yale. In 2013, the far-left university even hosted a “sensitivity training” that urged students to consider topics such as bestiality, incest, and prostitution as falling under the “diversity” banner. The grotesque indoctrination session was hosted by self-styled “sexologist” and sex shop owner Jill McDevitt. And that is just the tip of the iceberg.

      Numerous other universities including Stanford have also installed vending machines to dispense abortion pills.

      How far Yale has fallen! Founded by ministers of the Gospel to train ministers of the Gospel and pursue truth “through the blessing of Almighty God,” as its charter declared, today Yale has become a filthy cesspool of perversion and unconscionable filth barely even masquerading as an “educational” institution.

      Sensible parents must urge their children to consider alternatives. If not, they may be literally helping to flush their own descendants down the toilets at Yale.

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