Even Christian Colleges Falling to Anti-Christian Extremism

      As the ravages of anti-Christian government indoctrination sweep across America, even some of the top Christian colleges are wavering and falling to the extremism. According to an explosive report in WND, the situation at Azusa Pacific University has become so bad that two longtime board members just quit their positions in protest.

      Among other concerns, the two men on the evangelical university’s board of trustees said the institution had “drifted” away from biblical orthodoxy — and that the board was unwilling to do anything about it. Even professors and faculty are speaking out, warning that APU, founded in 1899, was in danger of “losing its essential quality” as a Christian institution.

      Examples of what is going on at the university include a new policy accepting whatever pronoun a students chooses to identify himself or herself with, according to a professor quoted in WND. “This is a terrible decision, and one that will cause tremendous harm to our students by encouraging them to reject their fundamental nature as created by God,” wrote Barbara Nicolosi Harrington, a Hollywood screenwriter who teaches at APU, adding that students were being “radicalized” against Christianity at the Christian university.

      Pastor Raleigh Washington, one of the two leaders to resign as trustee, tried to help fix the issues, but ran into nothing but opposition. “After fervent prayer and with integrity of heart, I cannot continue to be a part of these violations of God’s word,” he wrote in his resignation. “I fear the spiritual consequences of this lack of correction and discipline.” Washington told WND that other members of the board have privately admitted that everything he says is true. And yet nothing is being done about it.

      In a statement released in response to the growing controversy, APU Board of Trustees Chairman David Poole argued that everything was fine. “We respectfully disagree with their assertion that the board is not committed to APU’s Christian foundation and focus,” he said. “We are grateful for their friendship and many years of generosity and faithful service.”

      But in reality, it has become clear to even the university’s own leaders and faculty that worldly, anti-Christian extremism has infected the institution. And unless serious action is taken to reverse the trend, APU may well go the way of so many other once-Christian institutions that today openly teach paganism, humanism, anti-Americanism, and other false religions and dangerous ideologies.

      As American society drifts away from its Christian heritage and foundation — largely thanks to the deliberate indoctrination of most Americans by government schools — even explicitly Christian institutions such as APU are increasingly falling away. Christian parents and students must use discernment at every step when deciding about crucial matters related to education.

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