Facebook Backed “Community Schools” Fail Big

      A bizarre new concept known as “Community Schools,” basically parental replacement centers backed by the federal government and leftist social-media giant Facebook, is proving to be a total failure in Newark, New Jersey. Students there have “zero achievement” while cronies are lining their pockets, the superintendent admitted. But instead of nixing the half-baked scheme, officials plan to double down.

      The whole “Full-Service Community Schools” model basically turns government schools into parents and parents into third wheels. Everything from the mental and dental health of children to their nutrition and development comes under the purview of these institutions. Even families and parents are targeted for “services” under these Orwellian institutions.

      Under the federal legislation funding these monstrosities, children must receive “a continuum of coordinated supports, services, and opportunities from birth through entry into and success in post-secondary education, and career attainment.” Those “services” must include, at a minimum: “early childhood education;” school and out-of-school programs and “strategies”; support for children’s “transitions”; family “supports,” including “at home”; career counseling; “Social, health, nutrition, and mental health services and supports”; “crime prevention and rehabilitation programs”; and much more.

      In other words, everything that families once provided for children will become the responsibility of “community schools.” Even haircuts and food for the “family” are provided. All that is missing now is hugs and bedtime stories from Big Brother. Even parents, families, and community members must be targeted for “social, health, nutrition, and mental health services and supports,” the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) funding them explains.

      And it turns out they are not working in Newark. Math and English Scores declined at most of the schools. In short, even with massive support from Big Government and Big Business, the parental replacement centers are a failure. “I have zero student achievement. I have poor attendance. And I have a lot of people who are getting money in their wallets,” Newark Superintendent Roger León said at a board meeting last month.

      But according to a report by Chalkbeat republished by, officials plan to double down, getting inspiration from the previous community-school program called the “Newark Global Village School Zone.” Yes, really. Students may not know how to read, write, or do basic math, but they will be good little globalists with exactly the sort of “mental health” the government wants for them.

      Now, officials want to open these “community schools” all over the city. “I assure you the city will see what a true community school is when we move forward in actually bringing one about,” the superintendent promised. Parents, watch out!

      What these students need is parents and a legitimate education, not Big Brother schools providing indoctrination and taking the place of parents. Unfortunately, though, this model represents the future of education — at least if the establishment gets its way. Parents must resist.

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