EXCLUSIVE: Perverted “Sex Ed” in Idaho Schools Bypasses State Via Federal Grants

      Even in conservative Idaho where parental rights are protected in the Constitution, the perverted sex “educators” have managed to get access to children. Bypassing state lawmakers and local school boards, the corrupters of youth are using federal grants started in the Obama era to sexualize Idaho’s children. It is happening under the guise of “health and wellness” programs. But now, outraged lawmakers are blowing the whistle on these egregious violations of states’ rights and parental rights.

      In an exclusive interview with FreedomProject Media’s Dr. Duke Show, Representative Barbara Ehardt revealed how these federally funded “agents” are infiltrating the schools as “guest educators.” While hard-working parents and part-time legislators struggle to keep tabs on what is happening in government schools, “if you look at the other side, these people have full time jobs” doing this, she said.

      Representative Ehardt, who serves on the State House of Representatives’ Education Committee, pointed out that these sex-ed programs were actively concealed from lawmakers, parents, and the public. Online, many of the courses involved seem harmless enough. But it is deceitful. Much of it being orchestrated by the “Department of Health and Welfare” and the notoriously shady abortion giant Planned Parenthood, among other grotesque organizations.

      One of the controversial resources being used in Idaho schools is the book “It’s Perfectly Normal: Changing Bodies, Growing Up, Sex, and Sexual Health.” Among other controversies, the book includes cartoon images of people engaged in sexual intercourse. It also features graphic drawings of naked children standing next to naked adults. “It’s obscene, it’s pornography, and it needs to go,” said Ehardt. “We’re sexualizing our kids.”

      At the Bonneville school district in Idaho, meanwhile, schools were caught encouraging and teaching children to “engage in the behavior of masturbation” using pictures and something described as a “touch self protocol.” The materials, which were obtained by FreedomProject Media, include graphic images of men touching themselves “to feel good.” Masturbation is described as “normal,” with the school telling children it “isn’t harmful in any way.”

      The “sex-ed” content was so appalling and graphic that Facebook would not allow FreedomProject Media to boost a post about it, citing the very same sexual content being given to Idaho children.

      Another program being taught to Idaho children as young as middle schoolers claims to be an “abstinence-based curriculum.” However, that is a lie. Consider, for instance, that it encourages children to get birth-control drugs and testing for sexually transmitted diseases at clinics without their parents’ permission. The activities for the program include having the children find the locations of the clinics — many of which, if not most, are operated by scandal-plagued abortion behemoth Planned Parenthood.

      The pseudo-abstinence program also defines abstinence as not engaging in sexual activity that “carries a risk for pregnancy or STD/HIV.” As critics pointed out, though, this ludicrous definition, found in the teachers manual of “Reducing the Risk,” appears to equate “protected sex” with abstaining from sexual activity. When the children get pregnant or end up with venereal diseases, they will end up right back at the Planned Parenthood clinics supporting the sexualization, fornication, and perversion.

      Representative Ehardt blasted the programs for putting out “false information.” She also argued that these sorts of sex-promoting “sex education” schemes go “completely against all state statutes and all level of reasoning.” Ehardt, who represents the state’s 33rddistrict, is now working on yet another law that require parental permission before anything with sexual content can be offered to children.

      “The key point,” she said, is that “we’re sexualizing our kids, we’re spending an inordinate amount of time on this sort of activity when we could be teaching reading, writing, and arithmetic. Without a doubt, we are shifting our values. And I don’t believe that they are Idaho values — I believe they are the values of those powers that be that are perpetrating this on our kids.”

      The Idaho Department of Health and Welfare did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

      For those parents who thought it was still safe to put their children in government schools because they live in a “conservative” state, this should be a major wake up call. This virus has infected the “education” system nationwide. Parents and families must take urgent action to protect their children from these perverts.

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