Black Lives Matter Invades Schools Nationwide

      Across America this week, government schools and teachers are celebrating “Black Lives Matter Week” by indoctrinating innocent children into globalism, racialism, transgenderism, collectivism, and other dangerous ideologies. In short, the students are being brainwashed — and you are paying for it all.

      The effort is being promoted by the subversive National Education Association, the hate group known as the Southern Poverty Law Center, and other radicalized groups far outside the mainstream. It claims to be about promoting “racial justice.” But in reality, it is about forcing a fringe political agenda on captive students, as its own resources make abundantly clear. 

      According to the website for the campaign, there are different themes for each day of the BLM school week. On Monday, the theme is “Restorative Justice” and “Loving Engagement.” Tuesday is “Diversity and Globalism.” Yes, globalism — the politically toxic ideology pushed by the establishment seeking global governance, an end to self-government, and more. On Wednesday, the themes include “Trans-Affirming, Queer Affirming and Collective Value.” What gender confusion has to do with skin pigmentation was not immediately clear. Thursday is dedicated to “Intergenerational, Black Families and Black Villages.” And finally, on Friday, it is all about “Black Women and Unapologetically Black.”

      The effort also includes “demands” that schools re-shape their disciplinary policies, hire more black teachers, mandate “black history” and “ethnic studies” in the K-12 curriculum, and hire more counselors. 

      Blogger and mom Katy Faust, founder and director of the children’s advocacy group Them Before Us, wrote and published a brilliant letter to her child’s teacher asking about it. “Very few people, ourselves included, would disagree that black lives matter,” she wrote. “But when examining their website or following the official BLM movement it seems that this is, primarily, a political movement that falls along political lines with very clear political enemies.”

      “While it’s true that racism and bias can still be found in this country, the BLM material often frames itself as fighting against ‘hate’ which caricatures anyone who might disagree with their political goals as racist,” continued Faust. “In a time when only 17% of black children will have the benefit of their married mother and father loving them in the same home though high school graduation, I think it’s deeply problematic that BLM states ‘disrupting the nuclear family structure’ as one of it’s platforms.”

      Faust went to the Seattle Education Association’s website, which promotes the BLM week, and found that many of the resources provided in the links are simply opinion pieces. “Others make claims that can be refuted or at least challenged if we were to examine these questions through the lens of data rather than ideology,” she noted. “Perhaps I’m wrong but, this does not look like the organization to align with if we are seeking honest and open educational conversations.”

      Faust also expressed “deep concerns” about what it means to be “trans-affirming” in an elementary school. The notion that children should be given off-label drugs as puberty blockers that affect their brain, bone, and muscle development is “highly problematic and controversial,” she said, citing the tragic experiences suffered by two of her friends ensnared in transgender tragedies.

      Numerous black Americans who have spoken to this writer — pastors, radio hosts, activists, and more — have emphasized the obvious: This “Black Lives Matter” movement does not represent black people at all. In fact, it is a fringe and dangerous movement backed by globalist billionaires such as George Soros who care nothing about black people or anyone else.

      That this sort of blatant political and social indoctrination is occurring openly in government schools across America should be a wake-up call to all parents and taxpayers. It is time to demand an end to the dangerous insanity — and to protect America’s children from these nefarious forces.

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