New Show Indoctrinates Girls to Become Social-Justice Warriors

      Under the guise of teaching “media literacy” and other educational topics, a new web series called the “Radical Cram School” is indoctrinating young Asian girls and other “people of color” into becoming radical feminists, socialists, racists, revolutionaries, anti-American zealots, and full-blown social-justice warriors. The show also promotes gender confusion and “The Resistance” against President Trump.

      The bizarre specatacle, hosted by fringe activist Kristina Wong, begins with the premise that Asians and others in America are oppressed. One of the women working on the show, Nako Narter, shares powerful examples of this alleged oppression such, for instance, as an Asian girl being told she could not be Tinkerbell because she was not blonde, or a teacher being indifferent to the correct Japanese pronunciation of a type of painting. Seriously.

      The child victims of this harmful indoctrination — and Wong admits it is indoctrination — range from age 7 to 11. Wong, who apparently identifies as a “comedian” but has a degree in “Asian American Studies,” repeatedly refers to the hapless children in her classroom as “young rebels” and “comrades.” She then proceeds to indoctrinate the poor victims with all sorts of idiocy and filth that makes one wonder what sort of parents would entrust their children to such a loon.

      In one episode on “vocabulary,” for example, Wong introduces the girls to something called “gender non-binary” and “gender fluid.” This concept, one of the young girls says, means “like, you can be any gender you want to be, you’re not just a boy or a girl.” When prodded, another one of the girls sheepishly claims to be “gender fluid.”

      And despite the biological fact that God created only two genders — and that this can be objectively proved by examining an individual’s chromosomes — Wong insists that this dangerous madness is legit. “So when people talk about gender as only being two things, you can go, nope, there is actually gender non-binary — it’s a thing,” she pleads, sounding almost like she is trying to convince herself that the lunacy has some connection to reality.

      Wong’s vicious racism — she gained notoriety with an article claiming that “White guys” have an “Asian fetish” — bleeds through in the children’s show, too. Showing a picture of Hollywood predator Harvey Weinstein, Wong gets the desired response: One of the girls says “there is just like this thing about white people that just makes me be like,” before making a disgusted face. No effort is made to address the grotesque racism.

      Meanwhile, a puppet show in an episode on “drama” claims white people do not work as hard as others and that “structural racism” is keeping everyone else down. Apparently that “white privilege” is why Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren claimed throughout her career to be an Indian to help her get jobs and positions. No evidence is ever provided.

      Unfortunately, America today is becoming increasingly balkanized — by design. Increasingly, it is no longer “one nation under God” where everyone understands the self-evident truth that God endowed each individual with rights and that government exists to protect those rights, regardless of the melanin content in one’s skin.

      Rather, as philosopher Mark Sunwall put it in his essay “Beyond the social compact: Origins, vows, and the foundation of America,” progressives reject the idea of an American nation, viewing it instead as “hoards of hyphenated tribes squabbling over the riches of a largish continent.” This sad, twisted “show” is yet another symptom of that deadly disease.

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