Florida Schools Show LGBT Propaganda Films in Middle School

      Under the guise of “social-emotional learning” (SEL), at least one school district in Florida ordered Middle School teachers to show propaganda films promoting the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) agenda to children. One of the clips promoting gender confusion, bizarrely, was produced by a major Canadian bank. Another film portrays a self-styled “bisexual” as some sort of hero to be applauded for his sexual proclivities. These were shown to captive children ages 10 through 13.

      Several controversial videos were included in the series. Among them was “#SpeakUpforInclusion,” a 4-minute clip that perpetuates absurd stereotypes under the pretext of combating stereotypes. It includes a Muslim claiming people view her as a “terrorist,” an “indigenous person” who was supposedly thought of as potentially “being a drunk” or having substance abuse issues, an Indian who claimed people “might have expected me to know a lot about computers,” a young person complaining that people think young people are lazy, a black man saying “hey do you rap,” and more.

      After a bunch of platitudes about “diversity” and not judging, a man dressed up as a woman appears on screen. “I had a shop floor supervisor who stood up for me and sent out a company-wide e-mail saying that Robyn has every legal right to use the women’s change rooms,” said “Robyn” in a deep, manly voice. “It’s funny because you do find allies in some of the strangest places.” The video, produced by the Royal Bank of Canada, then uses emotional music while urging everyone to “speak up for inclusion.” How men in the women’s bathrooms promotes inclusion was not specified.

      Another video shown to pre-teen children was from a Danish television channel. First, the clip shows different groups of people in their own boxes — religious, rural, and so on. Then, the narrator highlights what these seemingly distinct people have in common: Being a class clown, being a step parent, having been bullied, and other commonalities. Finally, the narrator says, “We who are bisexual,” as a long-haired male walks to the front. Everyone claps for the “bisexual,” as the narrator celebrates his alleged “courage.”

      The controversial programs was reported to The Newman Report by a public-school teacher in conservative-leaning Volusia County, Florida, who felt uncomfortable showing the films to students. The teacher, who shared the information on condition of anonymity, said it was part of a district-wide initiative in which all Middle School teachers were supposed to show the clips during their first class of the day. “Talk about propaganda,” the teacher said, calling it “mass hypnosis.” It was not immediately clear whether the same films were mandated in other districts.

      It is all part of Social-Emotional Learning, a process through which children’s emotions, attitudes, and behaviors are manipulated and changed to come in line with the values and beliefs pushed by those behind the program. In this case, children are being conditioned to embrace the “LGBT” ideology that portrays homosexuality, gender confusion, and more as healthy, normal, and an integral part of an individual’s identity. SEL is a form of psychological “therapy” imposed on unwitting, captive children without the consent of their parents.

      Even in conservative school districts, children are now being bombarded with this sort of propaganda and emotional and psychological manipulation. The consequences of this abuse — a strategic attack on the family, moral values, and truth — are already proving to be devastating. And it is going to get worse. Only parents taking responsibility for protecting their own children can put a stop to it.

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