Latinos Slam “Racist” CA Education Dept. for Hiding LGBT Schemes

      A growing wave of outrage among minority communities is sweeping over California, with furious parents blasting the state’s Department of Education for trying to hide radical Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender propaganda in school from parents. Indeed, Hispanic parents are now charging the state’s education bureaucracy with “racism” for failing to include them in the decision.

      Among other concerns, parents and Hispanic leaders in California noted that the Education Department failed to make the new Health Education Framework available in Spanish, even though almost a third of households in the state are Spanish-speaking and even though it normally makes other materials available in Spanish. That means these parents were denied the opportunity to have say in what their children would be taught. And the material is extremely controversial, to put it mildly.

      Over the last month, The Newman Report has published several reports on the ongoing controversy surrounding California’s Health Education Framework. Among other extremism, the plan calls for teaching 5-year-old children that there are infinite genders, including “trans, genderqueer, non-binary, gender fluid, transgender, gender neutral, agender, neutrois, bigender, third gender, two-spirit,” and so on. One of the recommended books claims grown-ups “guess” what gender babies are. The LGBT indoctrination gets progressively more extreme as children get older.

      The Newman Report asked Hispanic leaders and others in California why parents in the Hispanic community were so outraged. In response, a dozen mothers and fathers responded with formal statements slamming the new program and education officials who sought to impose the radical scheme without even informing the Hispanic community — much less receiving their input or approval.

      Alfred Cuellar, a concerned father in Anaheim, said parents in the area are very disturbed that officials failed to let them know about the changes. “They have lost our trust with this framework, it goes against our values as parents,” he told The Newman Report, blasting medically inaccurate information. “This is a direct attack on the family, on laws established by God that marriage is between a man and a woman. This should not be accepted in our schools. Our children are not a political field. Teaching minors about transgenderism is illegal… Our children should not be an experiment.”

      Mother Olivia García of Orange County, meanwhile, said officials were abusing “education” and trampling on the rights of parents. She called on school officials to respect parental rights and to ensure that families are not forced to sit through these programs. As of now, parents are not allowed to opt their children out of indoctrination sessions on homosexuality, transgenderism, and more.

      Minerva Alvarado, another Orange County mom, said what was happening in schools was “horrible.” One solution to the crisis, she said, would be to withdraw children from government schools and put them in Christian and Catholic schools. “I don’t see another solution because, even if we sign papers asking that our children be excluded from sexual classes, they will do it anyway,” she told The Newman Report. “This is the sad reality. God help us.”

      Numerous other parents offered statements (see below for original comments in Spanish). And last month, parents organized a “SeXXX Ed Sit Out” during which children were kept home from school to protest the indoctrination. The LGBT program continues to stir outrage, with a video produced by Freedom Project Media about the California framework being watched more than 5 millions times. Outrage is continuing to grow as word spreads across California.

      Whether California education bureaucrats are racist remains unclear, though the reason for parents’ suspicions are obvious. What is abundantly clear is that state “education” officials are wildly out of line and must be held accountable. In fact, more than a few critics have described this extreme indoctrination as child abuse.

      Informed Parents of California will hold its next public rally on March 28 at 10 AM on the South Steps of the State Capitol Building.

      The consequences, if this madness continues, will be devastating. Already, well over one fourth of California children ages 12 through 17 identify as “gender non-conforming.” If this sort of radical indoctrination is not stopped, this will be just the beginning.

      Read the Parents’ Answers here:

      Read the Spanish version here:

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