Top Teachers Union NEA Promotes Illegal Immigration & Violence    

      The most influential teachers’ union in America, the far-left National Education Association, celebrated illegal immigration and appears to be celebrating violence against federal immigration authorities in a “comic book.” The radical NEA also smeared supporters of border security on its website using the fictional “Super DACA Defenders” story. DACA, of course, refers to the illegal (and temporary) amnesty from deportation that Obama purported to grant to broad categories of illegal immigrants.

      The story is blatant and extreme political propaganda. “In a world where the livelihoods of undocumented residents are threatened, what heroes will rise from the city to protect the innocent?” asks the introduction. It then informs readers that, “A lone figure stands for justice and equality.” That figure is a poorly drawn human-like panda teacher named “Stewart,” who praises illegal immigration and teaches illegal immigrants how to avoid being deported.

      In the story, the illegal immigrant, a rabbit named Boggs, claims to be too scared to apply for college. And he complains that “many people are mean to immigrants.” Not to worry — Stewart the heroic panda teacher will save the day! “Undocumented immigrants contribute so much to America,” he explains, adding that there are all sorts of “programs” to help illegal immigrants avoid deportation, get jobs, get a Social Security number, obtain a (free) lawyer, and more.

      In the preview for the next issue, an evil-looking U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) polar bear engages in an “attack” against the school, breaking through the wall. At that point, the illegal immigrant rabbit, the teacher, and fellow students all pick up weapons to defend Boggs the illegal immigrant rabbit from the terrible ICE-agent bear. Apparently this is what is meant by the term “Immigrant Justice Advocates.”

      There is an  English version of the comic book, as well as a Chinese version, posted on the NEA website. According to the Migration Policy Institute, about one out of five children in California’s government schools are either illegal immigrants or the children of illegal immigrants, costing taxpayers in California (and beyond) nearly $20 billion annually.

      The half-baked propaganda, created by Ben Kaibin Xiao, was funded by a grant from the NEA “Minority Community Organizing and Partnerships.” The outfit promotes perversion while advocating for open borders and seeking to exploit minorities to advance its radical political agenda. It also works to facilitate and encourage illegal immigration. “Education advocacy and social justice advocacy go hand in hand,” the NEA MCOP website says.

      Of course, the NEA has long been seeking to crush individual liberty, homeschooling, parental rights, the U.S. Constitution, national independence, traditional values, Christianity, and everything normal Americans hold dear. Top NEA officials and the Big Labor behemoth itself have frequently and openly demanded world government, socialism, and totalitarian policies of all sorts.

      Perhaps the most important book exposing this agenda is NEA: Trojan Horse in American Education by the late Dr. Samuel Blumenfeld. The 1984 exposé of this monstrous organization by one of America’s leading educational researchers uses the NEA’s own statements, publications, and officials to highlight the existential threat that it poses to liberty.

      The NEA — a crucial component of the education establishment, or the “Deep State” tentacle in charge of schools — has played a lead role in destroying all that was good about America. By forcing educators across the country to fund their own enslavement, the NEA has abused taxpayers and teachers for far too long. By giving this dangerous outfit free rein over the mind’s of America’s youth, the nation has committed a potentially fatal mistake.

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