German Parents Fined for Not Sending Child to Mosque

      A German family is being fined by authorities for keeping their child home from school for a day to avoid having him go to an Islamic mosque, according to news reports from Germany. The case has been ongoing since last year, but the appeals court finally ruled against the parents this week.

      According to the Hamburger Morgenpost newspaper in Northern Germany, the saga began in the summer of 2016. The parents, concerned about a school field trip to the Rendsburg Mosque, kept their son home from school for the day.

      But in Germany, as in much of the Western world today, the state believes it knows better than the parents. And when there is a conflict between the views of the state and the parents, the state now feels entitled to use brute force to impose its will on the family.

      In this case, authorities fined the family 50 euros to punish them. And the Schleswig-Holstein Higher Regional Court refused to grant their complaint against the district court verdict imposing the fine.

      Of course, this family should consider itself fortunate. As The Newman Reportdocumented earlier this year, when the Wunderlich family violated Germany’s National Socialist-era homeschool ban, they faced a Nazi-style raid, complete with a battering ram and armed police, to kidnap their children. Incredibly, the ludicrously named European Court of “Human Rights” ruled that was fine.

      And in 2018, The Newman Reporthighlighted a government-funded pamphlet advocating the re-education of children from “right-wing” families. The ideology animating the document, which was produced in cooperation with the Ministry of Family Affairs, could have easily come from Germany’s previous totalitarian regimes.

      All across Europe, children from nominally Christian homes are being forced to go to mosques by school officials. And once there, they are often ordered to bow down to the Islamic deity Allah. Girls are regularly forced to wear scarves on their heads, too. And in more than a few cases — including instances in the United States — children have been forced to recite the Islamic conversion prayer.

      Breitbart, which reported on the German parents being fined, noted that across the United Kingdom, children are also being forced to go to mosques for school. Already, the capital, London, is ruled by a Muslim mayor, and Brits are officially a minority in there now.

      Martin Luther, the German cleric who launched the Reformation, put it well. “I greatly fear the high schools are nothing but great gates of hell, unless they diligently study the Holy Scriptures and teach them to the young people,” he said.

      Instead, across Germany and the Western world, government schools have denigrated the Bible and Christianity while lifting up all manner of other religions — humanism, atheism, Hinduism, and now, Islam. The writing is on the wall.

      Just as Martin Luther warned, the anti-Christian indoctrination in government schools across the West has now created a post-Christian society. But that does not mean that Germany or the West will have no religion — it just means that Christianity is being replaced by other faiths. The consequences are already coming into view, and it’s not pretty. Government schools are to blame.

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