California Pushes K-12 Sex Ed Indoctrination That Will Blow Your Mind    

      California children will learn every conceivable form of sexual perversion and debauchery — from “fisting” and “blood play” to masochism and bondage — under new “health education” standards adopted this week. And there seems to be nothing outraged parents can do to stop it.

      Starting in Kindergarten, as The Newman Report has already highlighted, children will be bombarded with homosexual and “transgender” propaganda. One especially outlandish book recommended for 5- and 6-year-old students claims there are infinite “genders” and that doctors must “guess” what gender babies are.

      Middle-school children will learn about “polyamory,” defined as sexual relationships in which there are “multiple sexual partners.” Homosexuality, sodomy, masturbation, abortion, gender confusion, and more are all normalized through a barrage of propaganda material that is infecting every possible subject.

      Students are also falsely told that anal sex with a condom is “low risk,” putting them at serious risk of an HIV infection.

      Once children reach high-school, they will begin to learn more grotesque and highly dangerous perversions. For instance, the Health Education Framework, as the new sex-ed standards are called, promotes a “school-wide read” of the disgusting book S.E.X.: The All-You-Need-to-Know Sexuality Guide to Get You Through Your Teens and Twenties.

      The 2016 book by Heather Corinna would shock even the most liberal and “progressive” parents. Among other abominations, the book teaches children about “bondage,” where people tie each other up and engage in bizarre perversions. It also teaches about “blood play,” “fisting,” “body fluid,” and numerous other dangerous perversions too extreme to discuss.

      Even child rape and pedophilia have been taught to California children as a “sexual orientation,” as The Newman Report documented.

      There have been massive protests in the state by concerned parents. A growing number of Hispanic parents have even slammed the education establishment as “racist” for trying to keep them in the dark about what is happening. A SeXXX-Ed Sit Out in February kept children home from school to protest, again to no avail.

      Despite the growing outrage, California’s State Board of Education is expected to rubber-stamp the controversial standards. And under the “Healthy Youth Act,” there are no opt-outs for most of the perversion being taught. The normalizing of homosexuality, gender confusion, and more are all mandatory.

      But activists intend to make sure every parents is fully informed about it. “We expect [the California board] to simply rubber stamp it,” California Family Council spokesman Greg Burt told CBN News. “But we are going to make it as painful as possible. If this is what they intend to expose kids to, if this is where they’re going then the whole state needs to know about it.”

      On the other hand, officials defended it. “The foundation of the Health Education Framework is to be sure we are respectful of the differences in all of our students and ensuring that all of our classrooms are inclusive and welcoming,” said Stephanie Gregson, director of the California Department of Education’s curriculum frameworks and instructional resources division.

      The propaganda has been highly effective at confusing California children, too. According to a study by UCLA, over one fourth of children ages 12 through 17 in the state now claim to be “gender non-conforming.” Those numbers are expected to continue skyrocketing as the indoctrination accelerates.

      One of the nation’s top experts on the LGBT agenda, Dr. Paul Cameron with the Family Research Institute, told The Newman Report that he expects the prevalence of homosexuality to continue surging. “California is going to turn many, maybe most, kids LGBT with its schooling and honoring LGBTs as though they are heroes,” he explained, citing decades of academic research on the subject.

      By normalizing and promoting absolute depravity and dangerous sexual hedonism to children, government schools in California and beyond are now perpetrating institutionalized child abuse. Many parents are threatening to withdraw their children. Good. Any parent who continues to allow their children to be subjected to this abuse should be prepared for the catastrophic consequences that will inevitably follow.

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