SAT To Give Bonus Points to “Minorities” for “Adversity”    

      In a supposed effort to help colleges and universities increase their “diversity,” the increasingly discredited College Board, which controls the SAT, will be boosting students’ scores based on a variety of so-called “adversity” factors. But really, it is affirmative action in disguise.

      According to analysts, the goal is to help boost the scores of “minorities” based on race and skin color, because whites and Asians reportedly do better than blacks and Latinos on average on the test. In other words, the College Board will be discriminating against certain students based on their race — the very essence of racism.

      The explosive news, reported by the Wall Street Journal, sent shock waves through the education community. It comes amid a growing national realization that so-called “Affirmative Action” is inherently racist. It is also demeaning to entire classes of people, who are portrayed as victims in need of assistance to be able to compete with others.

      Despite denials that the new College Board scheme would be about skin color, experts saw clearly what was happening. “The purpose is to get to race without using race,” Georgetown University Director of the Center on Education and the Workforce Anthony Carnevale was quoted as saying about the plot.

      The College Board defended its decision, saying it merely “provides information” about the “student’s environment,” rather than about the student. “It puts a student’s SAT score and other academic accomplishments in the context of where they live and learn,” the far-left outfit was quoted as saying in defense of its new scheme.

      The architect of the notoriously terrible Common Core State Standards, David Coleman, who currently runs the College Board, also tried to put a positive spin on it all. “There are a number of amazing students who may have scored less [on the SAT] but have accomplished more,” he told the Journal, suggesting that having less wealth translates into lower scores.

      Some black commentators, though, were outraged. “This is not leveling the playing field. This is a savior complex. This is identity politics,” said Lawrence Jones, editor of the university-focused media service Campus Reform, during an interview on Fox and Friends. “The fact that they think they can judge people based on where they come from, the color of their skin, and what they went through, I think is insulting.”

      “It’s essentially saying, people who come from those backgrounds, people like me, cannot make it and I think we warned America that this was going to happen and no one paid attention,” added Jones.

      Students will not be allowed to see their “adversity” scores.

      The dumbed-down SAT is becoming increasingly useless. But that is merely a sign of the times, as most college education has become not just useless, but counterproductive. Universities have become overpriced indoctrination centers that would make Lenin and Stalin proud. Unless absolutely required for a particular job, sensible Americans should pursue other options.

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