Top Leaders: Parents Must Get Children Out of Public School

      Citing indoctrination and sexualization of children in government schools, along with other concerns, a number of top conservative and Christian voices across America have urged parents to remove their kids from public schools in recent days.

      Among the leaders who have joined the growing nationwide chorus were talk radio king Rush Limbaugh, evangelist Franklin Graham, Christian leader David Lane, and Catholic talk show host Mother Miriam. And this may be just the start.

      Speaking on his radio show, which estimates suggest is heard by over 15 million Americans, Limbaugh blamed government education for the sorry state of affairs in America. And for the first time ever, he brazenly urged parents to pull their children out and homeschool them.

      “I think it’s becoming very apparent to Millennial parents, parents of Millennial kids,” Limbaugh said. “Their kids are struggling in the wretched, horrible circumstances of the public school system.”

      “One of the answers to this mess (sobbing) ‘What’s happening to our children?’ is homeschooling,” he added. “It’s not just conservatives and Christian-oriented people who are choosing to pull children out of public schools.”

      Speaking on Fox’s Todd Starnes Radio Show, Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and Samaritan’s Purse chief Franklin Graham also urged parents to get their children out. In a conversation about New Jersey’s new law mandating LGBT lessons to school children, Graham said the time had come.

      Starnes asked Graham what advice he would give Christian moms and dads: “I mean do they pull their kids out of public school or do they homeschool, private school?” the Fox host asked. “What should they do?”

      “Oh, absolutely,” Graham replied without hesitation, breaking new ground. “I’d pull them out of public school and put them in private school.”

      Next, Mother Miriam said she did not know “of anything more urgent” than getting children out of public schools and into homeschool programs with God at the center of them.

      “It has to do with you being a proper mom and dad to your children,” she explained on her show. “You, no matter what the situation is, are responsible for the growth of your children in faith.”

      “The public schools,” she continued. “Such evil has penetrated those schools.” Quoting another expert, she said the system was “designed to turn the hearts and minds of the children away from God.”

      Finally, writing in Charisma News, David Lane with the American Renewal Project noted that a crucial part of the ongoing spiritual battle would be to develop a plan “— God’s plan — to free Christian children from public education.”

      The growing calls for a national exodus from the public school system got a major boost when James Dobson — among the nation’s most influential evangelical leaders — featured Lt. Col. E. Ray Moore (Ret.) of Exodus Mandate on his radio show in 2017, for two full days.

      It is past time for conservative and Christian leaders to warn Americans about the existential threat government indoctrination and dumbing down poses not just to their children — but to their nation and their freedom. Better late than never, though!

      To get copies of The New American magazine’s ground-breaking Special Report “Rescuing Our Children” exposing government schools and urging parents to get their children out, click here. Alex Newman and Dr. Duke Pesta were among the lead contributors.

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