Public Schools Becoming “Mini-NSAs” to Spy on Students

      After taking God out of education, government officials now act surprised that students are killing each other and themselves. And so, under the guise of stopping mass shootings and “self-harm,” government schools across America are developing increasingly sophisticated and intrusive espionage schemes to spy on students. The monitoring of children has become so extreme that one critic said schools were becoming “mini-NSAs.”

      Writing at the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity, analyst Adam Dick noted that public schools, “with the assistance of private companies, are extensively tracking the activities of all students, including students’ social media posts, emails, and use of programs such as Google Docs and Microsoft Office.” He compared it to the surveillance pursued by the U.S. government’s National Security Agency (NSA).

      And incredibly, it is not even a secret anymore. In Miami, Florida, for example, government education officials boasted to the tax-funded NPR about a new web of almost 20,000 surveillance cameras installed in county schools. The footage from the ubiquitous devices is fed into a giant police room where authorities watch in “real-time.”

      The state of Florida, meanwhile, has created a massive new database to “centralize information about potential threats.” Dubbed the “Florida Schools Safety Portal,” the scheme includes information on students’ mental health, discipline, and even social media content posted by the children online. And officials have released an “app” where Florida citizens are supposed to report on each other.

      According to NPR, similar schemes are being rolled out across America. These include mass scanning of students’ emails and social media accounts by companies such as “Social Sentinel” and “Gaggle” in schools across all 50 states. Despite constitutional privacy protections, no warrants are obtained prior to scanning and searching through children’s private data

      Of course, mega-corporations are also helping government schools vacuum up unfathomable amounts of data on children. Last year, FreedomProject Media, which is being deliberately suppressed by Google and other tech giants, exposed the company spying on school children without the knowledge or consent of parents or students. Microsoft is doing the same.

      For over a decade now, a number of states and districts have required that children use bio-metric data such as fingerprints to access school lunches. The federal government has even boasted that it developed tools such as “facial expression cameras” that “detect emotion” and capture data on students’ reactions to various stimuli.

      And the intrusive federally backed surveys asking children about their parents, home life, sexual activity, drug use, and more only add to the Big Brother creepiness factor.

      “Concern about schools’ surveillance of students is one more reason parents, irrespective of their political or religious affiliations, should consider removing their children from government schools,” explained Dick with the Ron Paul Institute. “Of course, parents are smart to check the privacy standards employed by private education alternatives as well.”

      Spying on children will not end the horror unleashed by godless indoctrination in government schools. But combined with the Orwellian data-gathering and data-mining schemes unleashed under Common Core, it is clear that government schools represent an existential threat to the privacy of every child trapped in public schools. Parents and taxpayers must put a stop to absurdity before it is too late.

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