British Labour Party Vows to Ban Private Schools

      The far-left British Labour Party vowed to abolish private schools and steal their assets for redistribution next time it wins an election, sparking fears of escalating totalitarianism in the United Kingdom.

      The controversial move to smash educational liberty comes as Brits increasingly seek alternatives to dumbed-down government schools more focused on gender ideology and climate alarmism than actual education.

      Just last year, for example, The Newman Report highlighted the fact that the U.K.’s homeschool population doubled in six years. Officials are working to crack down on that, too, starting with mandatory registration and intrusive regulation.

      In the new Labour reslution, championed by communist revolutionaties such as Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and others, Labour Party bigwigs called for all private schools to be “integrated” into the government system in the years ahead.

      “The on-going existence of private schools is incompatible with Labour’s pledge to promote social justice,” the motion declares, adding that the assets of independent schools must be “redistributed democratically and fairly across the country’s educational institutions.”

      The effort, with its genesis in the “Abolish Eton” campaign, began by taking aim at Eton, an elite private school where many prominent Brits, including Prime Minister Boris Johnson and other leaders, were educated as children.

      A spokesman for the Abolish Eton campaign explained what the supposed goal was. “This is what a democratic Labour Party look like,” the spokesman said. “We will dismantle systems of privilege and inequality and build a society that works for the millions and not the millionaires.”

      Voters, however, were not amused with the plot to crush educational liberty in the United Kingdom. Polls show they oppose the proposal by a staggering two-to-one margin, according to YouGov. Just 22 percent support the idea.

      Private school leaders are speaking out, too. “For me it seems quite incredulous that in 2019 I’m discussing whether my private land will be seized and redistributed,” said Matthew Adshead, a private school headmaster with the Independent Schools Association. “It doesn’t feel like I’m living in the UK anymore.”

      Independent Schools Council CEO Julie Robinson, meanwhile, argued that it would probably be illegal to proceed. “The move is an attack on the rights and freedoms of parents to make choices over the education of their children,” she explained. “Abolition would represent an act of national self-harm.”

      “Tearing down excellent schools does not improve our education system,” Robinson added. “The repercussions would be irreversible and far-reaching, damaging educational opportunities and limiting life chances.”

      As sensible parents increasingly flee the dumbing down and indoctrination that now dominate government “education,” the educational establishment will become increasingly aggressive in shutting down all escape routes. If left unchecked, similar horrors will be coming to America in the not-too-distant future. Be ready.

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