Even “Christian” Ministries at Colleges Hijacked by Hard Left

      The once-great para-church ministry Campus Crusade for Christ (Cru), which was supposed to bring the Gospel to college students, appears to have been hijacked by radical leftists and “social justice” warriors.

      But at least some Christians are fighting back, calling the “social justice” infiltration of Christian churches and ministries the greatest threat to the Gospel in America that they have seen in their lives.

      Known as “Cru” today, the long-established ministry for college students, founded in 1951, “has taken a sharp turn to the left within the past few years as social justice takes over more and more Christian organizations,” explained Judd Saul with the “ Enemies Within the Church” team.

      The official theme of their staff conference in July, according to Cru’s website, was supposed to be “celebrating together both the cause that God has called us to and the fact that God also wants us to be…be in His presence and be in love with Him.”

      However, Saul and others suggested that the theme was really “social justice, critical race theory, and Democrat Party talking points.”

      Saul, Trevor Loudon, and other conservative leaders are working to expose the infiltration of Marxists and anti-Christian subversives into churches, seminaries, ministries and more — something that has been quietly underway for decades, if not centuries, across denominations.

      The infiltration of these dangerous doctrines — some Christian leaders have even called them heresies that threaten the Church and people’s salvation — was blatantly “in your face” at Cru’s bi-annual National Staff Training dubbed CRU19.

      Leaders in attendance were encouraged by radical speakers to obsess about skin color, “diversity,” slavery, and the real and alleged evils of previous generations of Christians and Americans.

      It sounded far more like the ravings of anti-Christian post-modern Marxists so typical of university campuses today than a Christian event aimed at helping leaders reach lost college students with the Good News of Salvation.

      To see for yourself the kind of extremism, “social justice” hysteria, and race-mongering that has taken over Cru, watch this video compiled by Enemies Within the Church:

      As The New American magazinereported last year, even the leadership of the largest Protestant denomination in America, the Southern Baptist Convention, has now been infiltrated by “social justice” warriors.

      But there is growing resistance to the heresies of the so-called “social gospel” that has hijacked ministries such as Cru and now threatens to take down even some of the last remaining major conservative denominations in America.

      Perhaps the most significant voice to speak out has been Pastor John MacArthur. He did not mince words in identifying the threat.

      “Over the years, I’ve fought a number of polemical battles against ideas that threaten the gospel,” he explained. “This recent (and surprisingly sudden) detour in quest of ‘social justice’ is, I believe, the most subtle and dangerous threat so far.”

      Insiders at CRU predicted that within a few years, remaining Cru staffers faithful to Christ and the Bible would be forced out of the organization without major changes.

      As colleges become wastelands of Marxist non-thought and anti-Christian hatred, now is the time for the Church to reach out to those students with Truth and the Love of God. Promoting hatred and divisiveness under the guise of “social justice” does not just contaminate and poison Christians’ witness, it destroys it.

      Perhaps it is time for a new, genuinely Christian organization to take over the important duties that Cru once performed so faithfully. If the ministry’s leadership does not get the situation under control, Cru will fade into irrelevance and new ministries will step in to fill the void.

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