Swedish Schools to Replace History With Gender Madness

      Government primary schools in Sweden are set to replace history up to the 1700s with indoctrination on post-modern thought, gender theory, and “democratic values,” according to officials cited in media reports. 

      The proposed new curriculum omits “ancient civilizations, from prehistoric times to around 1700,” because there is simply “not enough time,” claimed Swedish National Agency for Education Curriculum Chief Anna Westerholm.

      What passes for “history education” had already been cut to the bone in Sweden. But according to Svenska Dagbladet (SvD), a Swedish daily, now everything from the Roman Empire to the Viking Age in Scandinavia will be completely removed, too. 

      Instead, students will learn about the supposed glories of mass migration, the horrors of alleged man-made global warming, how to dismantle the patriarchy and gender norms, and other insane political propaganda, various media outlets reported. 

      SvD also reported, citing government “education” officials, that the new curriculum will emphasize a “postmodernist view” of society, rather than the classical philosophical tradition.

      The little bit of history that children do learn, meanwhile, will focus mostly on the alleged evils of the West, colonialism, Christianity, nationalism, and so on from 1700 onward.

      Critics in Sweden and beyond lambasted and ridiculed the idea, calling it “bizarre,” “crazy,” “absurd,” and more.

      Scottish historian Ashley Cowie, writing at Ancient Origins, said the “extreme-left” plan amounted to “cutting the legs from children.” It will inevitably create “generations of dumbed down snowflakes unable to think about or contemplate their origins, but quick to cry and run to a safe-zone if someone dared to misgender them,” he added.

      “There are almost no words to describe this level of narcissism,” Cowie said, blasting the Swedish government’s schemes. “To think children are exposed to the whims of such hell bent, deluded, politicized adults is shocking.”

      He also quoted Jamaican thinker Marcus Garvey, who declared: “A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots.”

      In Sweden, under the guise of “choice,” authorities began funding all private schools with tax money before ordering them all to teach their outlandish curriculum. Among other absurdities, authorities require first graders to learn that gender is a social construct. It gets worse from there.

      Along with nationalizing the curriculum, the regime also banned home education, forcing the families of hundreds of homeschooled children to flee abroad as “school refugees.” Most went to Finland, Denmark, and Norway.

      In short, because all children learn the same politicized garbage, essentially no Swedish youngsters will have any knowledge of history. The regime has ordered that all of the nation’s egg children be placed in one basket—a basket of dumbed down indoctrination posing as education.

      And now, the former education minister responsible for banning all genuine choice in Sweden is lamenting the removal of history. “To erase antiquity from history teaching? Unfortunate,” said former Minister of Education Jan Björklund, boasting that he had stopped the scheme from advancing while he was at the helm. What he did not mention is that because of him, every child in Sweden will now be subjected to the madness, with literally no alternative. 

      As George Orwell put it in his book 1984, “Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.” In Sweden, the fringe government will not just control the past, it will eliminate any public knowledge of it, all but ensuring the continued downward spiral of that beleaguered nation into the abyss.

      Of course, like government schools in America, Swedish schools were already teaching largely fake history anyway. But unlike in America, where genuine choice still exists, Swedish families will have no escape route from the lunacy taking over their nation. This is a recipe for creating armies of Greta Thunbergs.

      Americans, take note: Educational liberty is critical, and must be defended at all costs. Otherwise, there will be nobody left to point out that the emperor is actually naked.

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